• What To Look For When Shopping For Wedding Rings

    12th January, 2021 | by
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    You’ve got your dress appointment sorted and now it’s time to browse for wedding rings. YAY! We all love shiny things, so finding a ring to wear for the rest of your life can’t be that difficult, right?

    Well, actually… There are a few things to consider, for both, brides AND grooms. Luckily, we got some help from the experts at Xennox Diamonds, to put together a few guidelines when shopping for wedding rings. So let’s grab hubby and have a read through the following tips for finding the perfect wedding bands.

    How to match your engagement ring with your wedding ring

    You’ve found your soulmate, you have a beautiful engagement ring, now it’s time to do some matching! So what’s the perfect match for your engagement ring?

    Diamonds or no Diamonds

    If your engagement ring is filled with diamonds, then going for a diamond band will be your best option too. If your engagement ring, however, doesn’t have any diamonds in it,  feel free to go with either, diamonds or traditional. It just depends on how much bling you like.


    In terms of size, it’s always best to match the size of the diamonds with the width of the band. If that’s simply not possible, try to not have a noticeable difference. In the end, you want them to look like they belong together.

    Match the metal

    We often think that picking the right type of diamonds is the most important choice. However, the actual metal you are picking makes a huge difference and is super important as well.  You always need to make sure to match the metal of your rings. If your engagement ring is platinum, then you will also need a platinum ring. Each metal has a completely different level of hardness – you don’t want one rubbing into the other!

    Standing out from the crowd

    If you are wanting to go for a bit of a different look and stand out from the crowd, mixing different colours can be a great option. I.e. white and gold are a Match Made in Heaven!

    If you are after something truly unique, seeking a hand made jeweller is always ideal. They will make the rings on-site and design something that truly matches your engagement ring. It will even look like both engagement ring, and wedding ring was made by the same jeweller. Xennox Diamonds don’t even charge extra for their custom designs, which is a great plus. 

    Let’s talk about lead times

    You should always consider going shopping for your wedding rings, a while in advance. If you are choosing the custom route, the timeframe you should expect is somewhere between six and nine months before the wedding.


    Warranty is extremely important when choosing your jeweller. After all, the rings are forever so having a lifetime warranty with your ring is desirable. Always make sure to ask your jeweller about their warranty and services like complimentary stone tightening and minor stone replacement. These kinds of things can make a huge difference, so it’s always a great idea to ask these questions.

    Hubby to be

    So what are some of the best options for grooms at the moment? If you’re looking for a band that is extremely scratch resistant, Platinum 600 will be a great pick. This particular Platinum is alloyed with tungsten and considered to be one of the most durable metals on the market. If you are after a band that isn’t too shiny and has a more grey and rustic vibe to it, Tantalum is a good option. Sometimes called black gold this natural dark grey metal can be used to create amazing jewellery. The gun metal grey colour is not only super fashionable but also durable. 

    Also ladies, while you might have some great ideas on what he should wear, let him have a say.  If he likes it, he is more likely to wear it, right?

    Happy wedding band shopping!

    Diamonds: Xennox Diamonds
    Venue: Next Door Espresso, Burleigh Heads
    Photographer: Lauren Olivia Photography
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    Florist: My Little Flower Shoppe 
    Hair: Bombshell Hair Noosa
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    Click here to read more about Xennox Diamonds and what makes their wedding jewellery special! 


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  • 4 Creative Ways To Nail Your Wedding Invites in 2021!

    23rd July, 2020 | by
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    Let’s Talk Wedding Invites: 4 Fun Ways To Nail Your Invites in 2021!


    Acrylic Wedding Invites

    Do you want to stand out from the crowd? With acrylic invites, you are definitely stepping up your game. Your guests will 100% LOVE these! So what even are they and what makes acrylic wedding invites so special?

    The wording is printed on the clear acrylic surface, which gives your invites a modern and minimalist, yet unique look. The thick and shatterproof material is extremely sturdy, which means you don’t have to worry about your invites getting ruined in the mail. If you are looking for that “wow factor”, acrylic wedding invites are the way to go.

    Image via Papel & Co

    Downside? They are definitely more expensive than your traditional invites. It really depends on your budget and how much you can spare for your invites. There are less expensive versions like vellum, which is a translucent material but isn’t as thick as acrylic.



    It is 2020 – It would be rude not to mention E-invites!

    Since technology has become part of pretty much EVERY aspect of our lives, sending paperless wedding invitations is definitely something you should consider. 

    Instead of printing hundreds of invitations and sending them manually, you now only need to hit a button, and off they go! We’ve already got to deal with a million other things when planning our wedding, so why not stress less about the invites? They are not only more sustainable but also cost less and are way more reliable. Instead of having to worry about your invites getting lost in the mail and people not actually saving the date, you can just re-send reminders and keep everyone in the loop with updates.

    P.s. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. There are a number of online providers in Australia that deal with designing your invites and taking care of all other things tech:

    Paperless Wedding: Free E-Invites + Wedding Website plans (3-week free trial)

    Greenvelope: Effortless Online Invitations and RSVP Tracking

    paperlust: Get a free matching wedding website for selected designs.

    Only downside: WE LOVE OUR STATIONARY! The feel of holding your wedding invite is definitely something a lot of brides don’t want to miss out on.



    Let’s get creative! Calligraphy isn’t only absolutely stunning, but also super fun. We got to work with The Pleasantry, who showed us how to turn words into art. If you are wanting to add a romantic element or dramatic statement, calligraphy invites are just right for you. The hand-lettered calligraphy also makes them extremely personal and unique.

    Downside: Calligraphy is time-consuming. If you do them yourself, they can take a long time. Depending on your skills and guest list, you might want to outsource. But even then, most calligraphers schedule two-week turnarounds.

    Image via The Pleasantry

    Boxed Invitations

    If you are going for the minimalist look, you will probably want to miss out on this one. Boxed wedding invitation scream GLAM! They absolutely stand out from the crowd and give your guests a real feel of what to expect from your wedding day. Nobody is going to want to miss your special day!

    Downside: Boxed invitations are definitely not a budget option and you should always keep your increased shipping costs in mind.

    Image via Beacon Lane

    What is your wedding invitation going to look like? 

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    Aglow in the joy of their big day, Kate strode down the aisle looking beyond fabulous in Myra by Enzoani – a heavenly beaded mermaid gown with Chantilly lace underlay. She knew it was ‘the one’ straight away while shopping at White Lily Couture’s Brisbane boutique. Kate says,

    “I loved that as soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one. I thought I was going to have such a hard time choosing, except the dress chose me! It made me feel beautiful and feminine. As soon as I put that dress on I felt amazing, I loved the way it looked, sat and fell on my body. I tried it on so many times before the wedding as I just loved the way I felt in it.” – The ultimate bridal feeling!

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