• Cassie & Mitch – Romantic Tweed Coast Wedding

    14th December, 2020 | by
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    Imagine walking down the aisle and looking at your future husband, whilst your favourite song is playing in the background. Cassie & Mitch’s wedding was raw, romantic, and filled with intimate moments. 

    What started off as a flirt online, soon became a much stronger bond. Sure enough, the couple realised that their journey was meant to last a lifetime. Once engaged, Cassie wanted to make sure that their big day aligned with the couple’s style. Therefore, she said it was extremely important to her to find vendors who understood Cassie and Mitch’s style. She also said it was important they were within close range to their wedding venue: “I didn’t realise until later how much easier everything was finding vendors that were local to our venue, it made for such an easy process.” 

    Speaking of which, our bride of the week most certainly had to battle with Covid restrictions this year. In the end, Cassie managed to finalise her plans only two weeks before the wedding. Since the couple was set on keeping their wedding date, they had to change venues three times: “We had three completely different plans ranging from a casual park wedding in Kingscliff, NSW. To a small beach ceremony on the Gold Coast to our final plan that didn’t eventuate until 2 weeks before our day.  We can’t even begin to imagine what her stress levels must have been at… 

    Luckily enough, the restrictions lifted just in time. In the end, their guests from Brisbane and Sydney were allowed to attend Cassie and Mitch’s wedding. Thank you, universe. 

    When choosing her dress, Cassie wanted to ensure that ‘The One’ reflected who she was. Cassie fell in love with MINI by Nicole Milano: “My dress was my absolute dream style, the lace and glitter was me to a tee. Glam!! Plus it hugged all my curves in the best way & I added a detachable tulle wing veil to top it off.” 

    Upon asking our bride of the week what her favourite part of visiting our Brisbane bridal boutique was, she said that she loved having the support from her sisters. Seeing them sitting in our “gorgeous pink chaise lounge, drinking champagne” as Cassie showed them each dress was truly special. She reminisces about their reactions and also remembers feeling comfortable: “The staff are so professional, I had Francesca help me find my dress and I could not recommend her more, as a plus-sized woman she made me feel so comfortable which was a worry of mine leading up to the appointment.” 

    Cassie’s advice to future brides is short and sweet: Don’t let all the wedding buzz get in the way! “…at the end of the day it is about the two of you marrying each other, everything else after that is a bonus!

    The couple is now ready to continue their new chapter as husband and wife. Cassie and Mitch are looking forward to renovating their dream home and slowly building a family together. 

    Scroll down to see all photos from Cassie’s wedding day! 

    Venue: Osteria Weddings, Casuarina NSW 
    Photographer: Figtree Pictures
    Videographer: Wild Creative Media 
    Florist: Alanah Cherie Floristry
    Stylist: Bliss & Willow 
    Cake: Sweet Art Creations
    Hair: Natalie Lucas 
    Makeup: Natalie Lucas 
    Bridesmaid dresses: White Fox Boutique
    Suits: Groom (Johnny Bigg) & Groomsmen (Tarocash)  
    Cars/ Transportation: Frank from Pull Up VIP
    Welcome Sign – The Parker Effect

    Musician – Maddy Zanatta 

    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture       Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture   


    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture (1) 


    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture 

    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture 

      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture

      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture   Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture 

      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture 

      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture (1)
  • Hannah & Adriaan’s Intimate Wedding

    7th July, 2020 | by
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    It was the intimacy that made their special day unforgettable. White Lily bride Hannah and Adrian’s wedding day was filled with laughter, joy, and endless love. 

    From high school friends to partners for life – Hannah and her husband Adriaan’s journey began way back in year 8, when they were placed in the same class together. As their friendship formed throughout the years, Hannah and Adrian went to year 12 formal together and finally started dating not long after graduation. High school sweethearts in a nutshell!

    As COVID19 struck, Hannah and Adriaan’s initial plans of having their big white wedding with 120 guests was cancelled. However, waiting around wasn’t an option for the both of them. ”After a lot of thought we decided we didn’t want to wait any longer to be married and moved forward with 16/05/2020 and the restrictions were lifted to 10 guests the night before so our immediate families could come!

    In the end, it was the intimacy that made their wedding day unforgettable. They moved the wedding to Adriaan’s parents farm, where they celebrated by a fire and created memories they will cherish forever. “It was just about us wanting to be married and not all the big stresses of a normal wedding.” Can it get any more romantic?

    When Hannah came to White Lily, all the the stress and anxiety from moving her wedding forward vanished. “Lisa was so kind and caring and just made the experience very enjoyable… The whole process was faultless and I’m very thankful to White Lily! 

    Although, Hannah didn’t initially want to try on GENEVA by Stella York, she ended up saying yes, as soon as she saw how beautifully it fit. “I love that it was really beautiful in its design, it wasn’t in your face but it had so many small details in the lace and bedding.” Hannah ended up looking absolutely stunning in her dress.

    Given the stressful times Hannah was put through, she was able to give one major piece of advice: Don’t stress about the small things! “Before the wedding got cancelled I was so stressed about flower placement and how many canapés etc but once it wasn’t possible to have the big wedding it just put it all in perspective! It’s about you and your partner getting married and sharing that special moment together.” Sometimes we just need to rewind and think about what truly matters. In the end it’s all about the love, isn’t it?

    Initially, the couple planned to spend their honeymoon on Hamilton Island; however, they decided to postpone their plans to next year. “…we just ended up spending two nights in Maleny together in a little cabin which was very romantic and sweet.” Although things didn’t go as planned, the freshly married couple is beyond excited to spend the rest of their lives exploring and having fun together.

    White Lily bride Hannah really shows us, that no matter what curve balls get thrown at you, true love always wins.

    Scroll down to see photos from Hannah and Adriaan’s special day!

    Photographer: Nevermist photography

    Florist: Gwen Floral Co

    Cake: Jocelyn’s provisions 

    Suits: Hallenstein Brothers

    Bridesmaids: Forever New


  • Sheree & Greg’s Elegant Brisbane Wedding

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    White Lily bride Sheree and Greg’s church wedding exuded opulence and a true love. Their wedding was surrounded by their family and friends, stunning art-deco detailing and a modern elegance.

    Sharing an epic love story, the pair met in Brisbane through mutual friends the weekend before Sheree moved across the country to Perth. Sparks flew from this initial meeting and after moving to WA, Sheree and Greg stayed in contact almost daily for three months online before Sheree decided she needed to move back to QLD. So Greg flew over to Perth to rescue his true love and from there, the pair drove from Perth back to Brisbane together and haven’t been apart since. “It was the best decision I have ever made,” Sheree says. Talk about true love!

    Uniting at the beautiful St John Vianny’s Catholic Church in Manly, Sheree and Greg prioritised their guests feeling loved in their wedding planning. “I really just wanted everyone to have an amazing day with us and to have all our friends and family together” Sheree explains. “We were just both so excited to be getting married to each other.” The stunning church architecture of St John Vianny’s was the perfect location to say I DO for the couple, before moving from Manly to the CBD for for their sit-down reception at MIRRA events.

    Coming to White Lily Couture after recommendation from her maid of honour and best friend, Sheree found wedding-dress shopping easy. “There were so many gorgeous dresses at White Lily but as soon as I put my dress on, I knew that this was exactly what I was looking for.”

    Sheree stunned in Pronovias’ Eithel gown, a mermaid gown crafted in delicate lace and tulle, hugging in all the right places and  finishing with a long, sophisticated train. “I absolutely adored my wedding  gown. I had always wanted full lace and the cut on this particular gown suited my body shape perfect.” She effortlessly styled her bridal look by adding spaghetti straps to her dress and wearing jaw-dropping chandelier earrings from Brisbane jeweler, Christie Nicolaides

    Her favourite moment of the big day? “Walking down the aisle and seeing the look in Greg’s face as he was standing at the altar waiting for me.” What more could you want?

    Offering words of wisdom to future brides and couples, Sheree emphasises the need to focus this during your wedding planning. “At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you marry your partner, the little things and details at the time seem important, but really, your guests won’t even be aware if something hasn’t turned out exactly how you had planned.

    Post-nuptials, the pair enjoyed their dream honeymoon in Europe, exploring Malta, Tuscany and Nice for three weeks. “It was the most perfect, relaxing honeymoon and the trip of my life!” Looking excitedly to the future together, two is becoming three! “We are currently expecting our first baby at the end of June!!

    See how their big day unfolded below!


    Earrings: Christie Nicolaides  
    Suits: Politix 
    Transportation: Limo – Brisbane Limousines 
  • Eloise and Corey’s Modern Rustic Wedding

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    Fate would have it that Eloise and Corey would cross paths through their local rugby league club, the Rosewood Roosters in 2009. Corey, as a player in the Under 18’s Team and Eloise as the assistant-coach’s daughter. Eleven years later, in March 2020 the loved-up team tied the knot in an effortless rustic wedding at the Gold Coast hinterland’s Summergrove Estate.

    Planning their wedding the two wanted their special day to be as minimal as possible, with Eloise a firm believer that less is more, whether flowers, outfits, decor or budget. “Even though it is one of the most important days of our lives, it was important that we didn’t spend more than we could afford.” 

    Wearing Josie by Erin Clare, Eloise loved her gown’s botanical 3D lace detailing and its relaxed yet stylish feel. “It was sooo comfortable,” she says. “Comfort was a big thing that I was looking for in my dress. I knew I was going to be wearing it for a very long time so I wanted to make sure I was going to feel comfortable wearing it.”

    Shopping at White Lily Couture, Eloise valued most her stylist, Shannon’s honesty and care. “Shannon didn’t try to sell me whatever I tried on which gave me a sense of trust in White Lily,” loving her experience saying YES to the DRESS! Ordering an Erin Clare gown, Eloise also took up the unique option to have her gown directly made with our Noosa designer. “Working one-on-one with Erin Clare was hands down amazing and she is such a beautiful person. She made my Mum and I feel welcome each time I had a fitting and just went above and beyond for us.”

    The couple opted for a modern rustic aesthetic, choosing Summergrove’s lush garden for their intimate ceremony and the venue’s luxe all-white barn for their reception, with festoon lighting, towering barn doors and feature timber beams. Despite a tummy full of butterflies the morning of the wedding, Eloise said her most memorable moment was seeing her Dad for the first time before the ceremony. “I will never forget the look in his eyes and the tears of joy. I could tell he was truly proud of me and happy for me.” Overlooking the hinterland, our bride felt everything click when her eyes met Corey’s at the end of the aisle. “As I saw Corey a sense of calm came over me and I couldn’t wait to get down the aisle to him.”

    Unfortunately the newlyweds were unable to enjoy their dream honeymoon as planned in late-March due to COVID-19 with the duo flying to Hamilton Island the day prior to the closures of all non-essential businesses. “We had to get an earlier flight home and left the day but we are so excited to be back once this is all over!” 

    Looking excitedly to their future together, Eloise and Corey are most looking forward to starting a family very soon. “I can’t wait to start a family with Corey and have a little brother or sister for our three fur babies.” Offering her advice to future brides and grooms, Eloise suggests to not stress over the small things! “It is easier said than done but try not to stress too much! Everything will work out how it is supposed to. At the end of the day as long as you get to marry the person you love then that is all that matters.”

    Venue: Summergove Estate

    Photography & Video: Pineapple Images

    Florist: Tennille Brooke Flowers

    Cake: Baked By Dana

    Hair: Amy Spry Hair

    Makeup: Dolly May Make Up Artist

    Bridesmaid dresses: Forever New  

  • Clare & Jordan’s Vibrant Bohemian Byron Wedding

    9th June, 2020 | by
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    Clare and Jordan’s wedding exuded a sense of relaxed sophistication and unique flavour of fun. The couple’s vibrant bohemian Byron wedding featured bold colours and personal touches unlike any other.

    White Lily bride, Clare had her eye on the venue for years. Fig Tree Byron Bay set the scene for Clare & Jordan’s big day, Clare explaining “I had seen Fig Tree Restaurant on Instagram years ago and known that it was where I wanted to get married.

    The couple gave the iconic space their own personal flair with an abundant array of bold pink and orange florals encircling them at the end of the aisle. They continued these bold and beautiful blooms into their bridal bouquets, as well as a delicate selection of blossoms adoring Clare’s hair.

    The abundance of floral details paired perfectly with Clare’s bohemian beauty-style wedding dress. “As soon as I put it on I knew that it was the one.” She said of her Ashley gown from Noosa designer, Erin Clare. “Erin was so amazing to work with and she brought my dream dress and veil to life!”

    “I thought I wanted a plain dress with a big tulle skirt. I ended up choosing a sequinned, tight-fitting dress!” The gorgeous gown features luxe white sequins, fine straps and side split.

    The couple celebrated their love in a stunning outdoor ceremony with friends and family.

    “We wanted a simple, relaxed, fun ceremony. We didn’t have any readings but our celebrant Michelle did an amazing job of telling our love story to our family and friends. We wrote our vows as we wanted to make realistic promises to each other that related to our relationship and what we want from our marriage. We were able to hug and whisper to each other throughout the ceremony and this made us feel loved, happy and comfortable. Our ceremony was a highlight of our day.”

    Following a lovely sit-down dinner with their guests, Clare and Jordan headed out underneath the stars to continue their celebrations.

    The first dance? Utterly romantic says Clare. “Our first dance was outside, underneath a grapevine and fairy lights, surrounded by our family and friends. We wanted a classic song that wouldn’t go out of style – we chose ‘Stand By Me’ by Ben E King.”

    See more from their relaxed and vibrant wedding in the gallery below!

    Photographer: Figtree Pictures
    Venue: Fig Tree Byron Bay
    Planner: Byron Bay Weddings
    MUA: The Luxe Beauty Co
    Hair: Sinead Marian Hair
    Flowers: Wilderness Flowers
    Furniture: The Wedding Shed
    Celebrant: Michelle Shannon
    Grooms Attire: MJ Bale
    Robes: Le Rose

                  bohemian byron wedding              Bohemian byron wedding                                Bohemian Byron Wedding                        Bohemian Byron wedding dance
  • Karlie & Ryan’s Picture-Perfect Lavender Farm Nuptials

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    With a dreamy lavender farm as the backdrop and a bombshell bride -to-be, Karlie and Ryan’s wedding could have leapt straight out of a Hollywood film!

    The pair originally met through mutual friends on a night out, where they hit it off. Their love-filled wedding speeches from their nearest and dearest on the night highlighted the perfect mix of sweetness and strength they share as a couple. How cute is that?!

    Their stunning setting was none other than the picturesque Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm near Mount Alford. This venue features a unique open-air-style chapel with a modern twist, situated amongst the aromatic lavender fields.

  • Amelia & Foti’s Sparkling Big Day

    5th November, 2019 | by
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    A sparkling dress, a sparkling sky – the magic was written in the stars for Amelia & Foti! The pair recently shared their nuptials with friends and family in a stunning destination wedding in Greece!

    Flash back to ten years ago and the two were still in school. Foti was Amelia’s brother’s best friend, and it wasn’t long before Foti was in love! “He asked me to be his wife 10 years later – when the time was right! Super romantic!” Said Amelia.

    The romantic moments continued into their big day as she walked down the aisle towards her soon-to-be husband. This was actually Amelia’s favourite part of the day! “It was as I walked down the aisle (tears rolling down my face!) – the certainty and stability in his eyes. My Future. My Husband. Such a vulnerable and beautiful moment I’ll cherish forever.” She said. Amelia also loved her first dance moment. “It was beyond!! Surprise fireworks lit up the sky!” She said of the epic moment that the night was filled with a dazzling display of light as the two gazed upwards from their open-air dancefloor.

  • Tropical Luxe Wedding Inspiration

    30th July, 2019 | by
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    As industry professionals, we see so many serious wedding inspo shoots, which are absolutely gorgeous, but sometimes, can feel a little lacklustre when compared to what is expected from the wedding day. We thought we’d try and capture the joy and fun of the big day in this tropical-inspired photoshoot.

    With a zesty colour palette of hot pink, bold yellow and orange and team of unstoppable creatives, the concept was brought to life! The dining tables of the luxurious waterfront venue of Ancora were adorned with coconuts, pineapples and tropical florals galore by Clara Jean Events and The Gold Coast Bride, alongside the most luxurious three-tier passionfruit and coconut cake flecked with gold by Milk & Honey Cake Creative.

    Babin’ models Stacey McGregor, Kate Cooper and Daisy Morgan were all smiles and bubbly personalities in front of the experienced lens of the Bulb Creative team. Echoes of Stacey’s infectious laugh could be heard all around!

  • Tess & Jayden’s Rainy Day Nuptials

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    No amount of weather was going to rain on Tess & Jayden’s parade for their special day! Their rainy day nuptials were hosted at Osteria Casuarina in Northern New South Wales. The couple infused a vibrant mix of colour, native greenery and elegance to create their once in a lifetime celebration. 

    Tess looked sensational in her Lexi gown from US designer, Enzoani (Sample no longer available in store), as she made her way toward her soon-to-be husband in their luxe combi van. Her bridesmaids, equally stunning in simple, midi length gowns. We love how Tess mirrored her silhouette with her bridesmaids’ ivory spaghetti strap gowns. 

  • Kristy & Adam’s South African Soiree

    24th January, 2018 | by
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    Kristy & Adam’s South African Vineyard wedding was beyond breathtaking. The theme of the day was ‘rustic elegance and my goodness did they deliver!

    Kristy had always wanted to have a vineyard wedding, however, didn’t want the occasion to become too formal. She found the perfect venue to fit the bill at Vrede en Lust with its jaw-dropping mountainous backdrop and rows of ripening trees. The wedding party readied themselves inside the ornate Manor House built in 1688, while the reception was held inside a terrace with a marquee tent roof. The glass-windowed reception venue provided a glorious view of the surrounding scenery. 

    Kristy’s impeccable taste was evident in the beautifully styled elements throughout the wedding dotted with old-world charm. The rustic vibe came through via long wooden tables, wine barrels and exposed bulbs. This was contrasted with a classic colour palette of navy, blush pink and rose gold which was featured throughout everything from the invitations to the cutlery. A key highlight however, were the abundant florals consisting of reds, pinks and a spray of greenery designed by N Concepts and Designs.

    Our gorgeous bride Kristy wore Tibet by Pronovias – a beautiful mermaid gown with an illusion boat neckline and decadent guipure lace motifs. Her gown was absolutely perfect for the setting, giving the entire occasion an almost regal feel. 

    When asked about her gown, Kristy said that “It had everything I didn’t even know I wanted in a dress. I loved the champagne underlayer that really made the lace motifs stand out, the illusion neckline, and the shape that the dress gave me!”

    After their teary ‘I do’s”, the happy couple headed to the reception to celebrate with all fo ther family and friends. As for the honeymoon, the pair are expected to jet off on a delayed getaway to Hawaii at the end of the year!

    We wish this beautiful couple all the best for their future together!

    Read on to view the gallery!


    Kristy wears Pronovias Tibet

    Wedding in South Africa: Vrede en Lust

    Photographer: Kristi Agier

    Hair & Makeup: Helga Bridal

    Flowers/ Styling: N Concepts and Designs


    Photographed by: Kristi Agier


    South African Wedding
  • Enzoani Trunk Show

    12th April, 2017 | by
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    Next week we will be kicking off our Enzoani trunk show and offering all of our beautiful brides 15% off our entire range of Enzoani gowns. This amazing offer will only be available for a short time so don’t miss out!

    Brisbane – 18 April to 29th April

    Rockhampton – 4th May to 16th May

  • Lauren and Dane’s charming wedding day

    28th June, 2017 | by
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    Lauren and Dane celebrated their charming wedding with friends and family at a picturesque private estate on the Gold Coast.