• Wedding Dress Trends: What’s Hot In 2021

    11th March, 2021 | by
    2021 and 2022 wedding dress trends read more

    Shopping for a wedding dress is a different kind of mission. Let’s face it, it is probably the most important outfit we will ever buy. On top of that, it’s a huge investment, which means the pressure is on. In turn, we brides, want to know what’s hot in 2021 / 2022, right?

    Yes, even if our wedding is in 2022, we should most definitely start thinking about our dream bridal look – time flies when we’re busy organising your dream wedding day.

    Don’t worry – we’ve got you!

    After intensive research and hundreds of hours of browsing through wedding magazines, bridal fashion articles, and thousands of Instagram posts and Pinterest pins, we have curated some of the hottest and most fashionable wedding dress trends for 2021 and 2022.

    So, let’s dive straight in!

    pronovias 2021 crepe wedding dress with cape

    Credits: Lauren Olivia Photography | Caitlin Robertson | My Little Flower Shoppe | Xennox Diamonds | Bombshell Hair Noosa | Xsentuate Makeup | The Bridal Shoppe | Next Door Espresso Burleigh


    Every Superwoman Needs A Cape

    Although this one might not be for everyone, bridal designers sure know how to make us feel like a superhero. Capes have become a huge deal in the bridal world and here is what we love about them.

    They add an element of drama
    They stand out from the crowd and scream fashion-forward. Nobody is going to forget your dress and your wifey or hubby will be swept off their feet. A sleeve calls for an unforgettable entrance with loads of drama.

    They add coverage, without limiting your ability to move
    Many of us don’t like feeling too exposed. Instead of going with a sleeved option, a cape is a great way of adding some coverage, without having to deal with the movement restrictions a sleeve may come with.

    all who wander boho wedding dress

    Credits: Cara Jourdan | Paige Owen Photography

    Transformable Looks A.k.a. Two-In-One

    Speaking of dresses with capes, wedding dress designers are focusing on creating more versatile looks than ever. With a few simple add-ons, our brides can transform their look within minutes. Who said that you needed multiple dresses for your wedding day?

    No need to double your budget
    If you’re on a lower budget, you don’t need to sacrifice your wishes of having multiple wedding looks.

    Less commitment. More options
    Don’t want to commit to one look? Make last-minute adjustments and wear what you feel most comfortable in on your big day!

    martina liana 2021 wedding dress with detachable sleeves


    Exaggerated Ruffles

    Puffy sleeves, tiered skirts, ruffles like there is no tomorrow, and we are 100 percent here for it. Go bold or go home, it’s your big day! This trend most definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s also not one to forget.

    They add a fun element

    The creative and beautiful designs add a fun element to your bridal look

    Edgy yet Simplistic

    Ever struggled to find the right balance between allowing you to combine your love for simplistic fabrics with edgy designs? You should jump on that train! 


    So here you have it: in 2021 we’re getting out of our cage and committing to bigger and bolder wedding dress designs and bridal looks. We’ve been sitting at home, hiding from the world, for too long. It’s time to shine.

  • Wedding Dress Styles And Trends – What We’re Going To See More Of In 2021

    14th September, 2020 | by
    wedding dress trends 2021 read more

    Let’s talk about wedding dress trends! 

    Although we all want our bridal gown to be as unique as possible, it is always interesting to see what bridal trends are fashionable at the moment and which wedding dress designs we will see more of in 2021, right?

    Living in a world that is constantly evolving, bridal designers are sure to have a few extravagant wedding dress designs up their sleeves for 2021. So, let’s have a look at what wedding dresses are popular for 2021 weddings:

    New Fabrications

    Ever heard of glitter tulle? It’s a thang – and we are kind of loving it! This particular trend definitely requires you to let go of some of the traditional expectations of a bridal gown. Your wedding is a party – and we’re here to dance! This trend is not only super fun but also extremely show-stopping AND photographable. Trust us, we always have way too much fun with these in our boutique!

    Zavana Couture Glitter Tulle
    Sheer – She’s Airy

    2021 definitely isn’t the year to be shy. It’s time for you to show off your beauty. Even if that means wearing semi-illusion tulle and other sheer fabrications. Adding a cheeky hot pant underneath your sheer skirt creates a futuristic, yet elegant look, that will sweep everyone off their feet. It’s an unexpected yet modern approach of a bridal gown. Hence, designers are incorporating more of it into their new collections.

    Sheer Wedding Dresses
    More Beading

    Once again, designers are taking it to the max. Whether you are looking at Zavana Couture, Atelier Pronovias, or Nicole Couture, designers are showcasing their beaded dresses left, right, and center. People are craving the luxe feel, enhanced by the weight of the beading. In turn, designers are leaning towards extravagant, beaded appliqués.

    beaded wedding dresses
    Bigger Skirts

    Multiple layers, tiered skirts, and a mix of different fabrications; designers aren’t afraid of making the most out of their ball gown creations. Ball gowns aren’t just becoming more popular, in 2021, but they are also bigger than ever. FARRAH and CLOSE by Pronovias are both prime examples of what ball gown heaven looks like.

    Crepe Wedding Dress Train
    Mixing Minimal with Opulent

    Imagine a fitted gown with puffy sleeves. Super playful, yet extremely elegant. Adding a fun element to your fitted gown doesn’t only add that extra something, but it also elevates your look. It creates something that is so unique, people will remember for a long time.

    wedding dresses with puffy sleeves
    Floral Appliques

    Who doesn’t love flowers? We know it, you know it, designers know it. Floral appliqués have been and remain to be a front runner in the bridal gown industry. However, 2021 is going to show a few different ways of incorporating floral appliqués. Tattoo lace, as well as embroidered tulle, seem to be on the rise, creating stunning flower-field-inspired looks. 

    floral wedding dressesLong story short, 2021 is a year of innovation and extravagant designs, and we can’t wait to see our Brisbane brides rock their dresses on their wedding day.