• Alexandra and John’s Elegant Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

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    Pure elegance was on our minds when first getting a glimpse of this week’s White Lily bride Alexandra and husband John’s beautiful wedding images. White roses, lush greenery, and flowing champagne made the Brisbane couple’s Gabbinbar Homestead wedding as glamorous as ever. Not only was their special day one to remember, but the way these two lovebirds met in 2016 kind of reminded us of a movie…



    I was a private nanny to a beautiful family who had twins… It was the twins’ third birthday party and when I arrived, I was introduced to their Uncle John. I had one look at him and thought he was absolutely gorgeous! That was in 2016. John and I paths wouldn’t cross again until the following year when I was invited to his mum’s birthday party. I was nannying the twins all day and then his mum’s birthday party was held at the twins’ house. I didn’t know John was attending so I was just in work clothes, covered in paint from craft with the twins earlier in the day. John walked in and I got butterflies. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other all night and conversation flowed!

    The Proposal

    With a wedding so gorgeous and thoughtful, it is no surprise that Alexandra and John’s proposal story was just as beautiful. Just short of two years ago, our White Lily couple went on a family holiday to Europe. As you do, Alexandra and John went on a scenic cruise from Amsterdam to Switzerland. Cruising through the country of love, John got down on one knee: ”…Unbeknownst to me, John had organised with the gentleman running the cruise to clear the top deck. John asked if I could wear his favourite dress of mine for formal night, which I did. He invited me up to the outdoor top deck and proposed to me on the canals in France! I was so happy, shocked, and excited and I course said yes.

    Wedding Styling and Vendors

    Formal and elegant“. Those were the two words on Alexandra’s mind when putting together her dream wedding. And she nailed it! Captured by The Finches, their Gabbinbar Homestead wedding was the perfect combination of a formal and romantic setting. With fairy lights and fireworks, Alexandra and John were able to celebrate their love at its fullest.“A vendor that we are over the moon happy about is our videographers…The job they did filming our wedding day is pure perfection!” We couldn’t agree more.

    Beaded Perfection

    Zavana Couture is known for their intricate beading and fine details, which is why THEIRRY was the perfect dress for Alexandra’s elegant dream wedding. The luxurious mermaid gown with plunging neckline was a true showstopper: “The thing I loved most about my white lily gown was the detail of the beading! Oh my gosh! My dress was glamorous! Every single person commented on how STUNNING my dress was! I felt so elegant in it!

    Alexandra’s Advice to Future Brides

    “Surround yourself with positive people….” A lesson that is so valuable in all aspects of life was something that immediately popped into Alexandra’s mind upon asking her for wedding planning advice: “I noticed it would really get me down when people would make comments like “oh. Your wedding probably won’t even go ahead.” Instead I listened to the ones closest to me, and there was nothing but positivity. We ended up having a perfect wedding with no restrictions!” 

    Married Couple Things

    “My favourite things about being married is knowing we are married! It’s something I’ve wanted for so long! I love calling John my husband and I love being introduced as his wife. New chapter for us is starting a family and trying for baby Kearney :)”

    Being married means I get to spend to rest of my life with the one I love most. It means I will always have the love and support of my best friend. It’s the best feeling in the world!

    Photographer: The Finches
    Videographer: Shortflix Media
    Stylist: Kerrie Kearney (Mother in law)
    Makeup: J Dolls
    Bridesmaid dresses: Forever New
    Suits: Tarocash 


    Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld    Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld  Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld   Zavana_Couture_Bride_Gabbinbar_Homestead_qld
  • Claire & Blair –  Elegant Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

    12th April, 2021 | by
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    A love story that goes all the way back to 2010! This week’s White Lily bride Claire met her one and only on what Claire thought was going to be a normal work day. Their relationship as co-workers soon blossomed into a bond for life. Eleven years later, it was finally sealed with the most elegant wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead. Just like Blair’s proposal, overlooking Brisbane City at Kangaroo Point, the White Lily couple’s wedding day was filled with pure romance.

    Wedding Styling

    White roses, chandeliers, romantic candles, and subtle black decor – What can we say? Claire and Blair’s special day was gracefully beautiful: “…we love everything black and white and wanted to capture that style within the day.“ Styled by Poppies for Willow, the Brisbane couple’s Gabbinbar Homestead wedding was everything they had hoped for.

    It’s All In The Details

    For us we definitely wanted a great photographer, good music and delicious food. Our aisle song was ‘Simply the Best’ sung acoustically and it was perfection. Our Florist was amazing and thought of every single detail. We couldn’t be happier with the suppliers that we selected. For me specifically, I’ve had KM Make up do my hair and make up for other weddings and I knew they were who I wanted for my own, those girls are so professional and skilled, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

    Bridal Dreams By Emmy Mae

    Claire said ‘Yes To The Dress’ after trying on our fit and flair gown PEONY by Emmy Mae Bridal: “I loved how unique and modern it was. As soon as I tried it on, I felt that it matched my personality perfectly and knew it was the one.”

    Initially, Claire was worried that her dream bridal experience was going to be ruined by Covid. However, as soon as she arrived at our Red Hill boutique, all of her worries were made redundant “I was so lucky that White Lily were able to make the occasion really special and exciting. Each person that I came into contact with was so lovely, an expert on all the dresses and most importantly there was no pressure to make a decision in that moment! I felt the communication was easy and they exceeded my expectations with each visit. From the styling of the boutique and the amount of dress options to the gorgeous people who work there, the experience far exceeded any others.” 

    The Worst Someone Can Say Is No

    Saying that planning a wedding can be stressful at times would be an understatement, so here is a piece of advice from a bride who nailed it:

    Consider what you want and make sure you don’t skimp on whats important to you as a couple. Take control of your own day and make sure what you organise suits you both. Ultimately we live by the motto – ‘the worst someone can say is no’. We always take the risk and ask the question if we really want something, we relied on this advice and we had the best providers who were able to ensure we had everything that was important to us on the day.


    Complete the sentence: Being married means the exciting start of the next chapter of our lives.

    The Vendors:
    Venue: Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba
    Photographer: Leah Cruickshank
    Videographer: Luke Bickley 
    Florist: Poppies for Willow 
    Cake: Jillicious Cakes
    Hair + MUA: KM Makeup Studio
    Bridesmaid dresses: Bec & Bridge
    Suits: MJ Bale & Politix

  • Gabbinbar Editorial – The Styled Wedding Shoot We Will Never Forget

    12th November, 2020 | by
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    Who, When, Where

    Located in one of Queensland’s hidden gems, we put together a styled shoot with some of the most talented vendors, within the wedding industry. The fairytale-like charm at the heritage-listed Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba added to the princess vibes of the shoot and created a unique atmosphere. Looking back on this beautiful March day, we were able to put together something so special, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

    Our couture wedding dresses were captured in the most beautiful way by Lauren Olivia Photography. Lauren is an amazing photographer, who just knows how to translate precious moments into the most gorgeous photographs. The lighting and colours on this day were absolutely magical, which resulted in breathtaking imagery. Out of this world would be an understatement.

    We also got the chance to work with Wander and Follow Images. Joel created a film, which we will cherish and obsess over forever. You HAVE TO check it out! 

    Styled shoot – Gabbinbar Homestead from Wander and Follow Images on Vimeo.


    Wedding Dresses

    When selecting the gowns, we wanted to add a modern twist to the old-world style of this bridal shoot. Working with traditional fabrications like tulle and lace allowed us to incorporate modern designs. LARISA by Pronovias combines a princess-like tulle skirt with modern ruffles. The sheerness of the semi-illusion tulle on ROSSANA also added a modern touch, whilst complementing the classic theme of the day. 


    What we loved most about this shoot? Something about the style of this shoot felt like it stepped straight out of a Disney film or a classic novel. The kind of wedding you would look back on and still be head-over-heels in love with every choice you made.

    Styled with burnished silver, crystal glassware, and spring garden-style florals, this old-world styling felt incredibly romantic and fully realised – allowing the day to center around its true meaning – a celebration of love. Can’t you just picture yourself driving off into the sunset in a classic cream Bentley alongside the tuxedo-clad man of your wildest dreams? We truly can’t stop thinking about this day and would love to do it over, and over, and over again.

    Scroll down to view the photos and see for yourself! Aren’t they just beautiful? 

    Wedding Vendors: Who made the magic happen

    Venue: Gabbinbar Homestead
    Styled by: Ivy and Bleu Events
    Photographer: Lauren Olivia Photography
    Videographer: Wander and Follow Images
    Florals: Gwen Floral Co.
    Makeup: Stephanie G Makeup
    Hair: Sarah Neill Hair
    Suits: The Cloak Room
    Cake: Pepper Berry Cakes
    Car: Waratah Limos
    Dana Paige Coles (@danapaigecoles and @_danapaige)
    Hayden McCrystal (@haydenmccrystal)

  • Brooke & James’ Classic Gabbinbar Wedding

    16th June, 2020 | by
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    Unfussy, yet innately stylish, Brooke and James’ classic Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding was timelessly elegant and full of the most important piece of all – love. The focus was on celebrating their love for each other with all of their closest around them.

  • Jessika & Blair’s Love Lockdown

    13th May, 2020 | by
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    In the midst of a global pandemic, Jessika and Blair’s wedding came together JUST in the nick of time! Their big day could have fallen prey to the mass postponement that swept like a wave across weddings and events across the globe, but instead, their team of fast-acting wedding vendors quickly whipped their wedding back to within regulations!

    The pair first met in high school in Kingaroy, where, believe it or not, they weren’t even friends! It wasn’t until later down the track that they crossed paths again at a friend’s 21st in 2012 that they were reintroduced and their romance blossomed. “Blair had the most infectious smile. I asked him what he was drinking for an excuse to talk to him – the rest is history!” Explains Jessika.

    The couple were engaged almost two years ago and began avidly planning their big day – locking down the favourite vendors very early on. “We booked Gabbinbar almost 18 months in advance and my hair and makeup artists about 12 months out. This allowed me to get my first pick for every single vendor.” She said. 

    “We knew we wanted a venue that had it all so our guests could arrive at one location and spend the whole day there. We certainly found that in Gabbinbar Homestead! As soon as we drove into the venue and walked around we knew it was the one. They really do think of absolutely everything!”

    Not only were the two booking well in advance, they were also organised with spreadsheets and budgets galore! Jessika highly suggests this for any couple in order to stay on top of wedding planning.

    It was perhaps this excellent organisation that assisted with the quick turnaround changes that had to be made at the last minute. What could have been a disaster was turned around with swift adaptation from an expert team.

    “On the Friday afternoon Gabbinbar called me to say due to new restrictions just imposed we had to bring the whole reception outside because there wasn’t enough room in the indoor conservatory to adhere to the new social distancing laws. This meant a lot of last minute changes! Chairs also had to be spaced 1.5 metres apart, which meant I didn’t have enough florals for my long tables! The venue and my florist worked together and went above and beyond (Gabbinbar gave my florist full access to their gardens) and it turned out beautifully. Our three-piece band also had to move outside and change their whole set list very last minute to adhere to noise restrictions!”

    “Thankfully we were gifted with incredible weather and the outdoor reception was beyond perfect! I honestly can’t sing the praises of the venue and all of my vendors enough, they all went above and beyond!”

    Despite the drama unfolding behind the scenes, the day was all timeless class and grace. Jessika recalls her most memorable moment as none other than walking down the aisle.

    “There’s just so much emotion in that moment. I was so nervous but as soon as I looked up to see Blair’s face I couldn’t wipe the smile off mine! I used to tell Blair that he would cry when he saw me and I always got a very manly ‘No way,’ in response. But – he cried!”

    The romance and beauty of their big day was undeniable – made even more special with those family and friends who were still able to be there. Their guests watched on with hearts full as Jessika and Blair said ‘I do’ amongst Gabbinbar Homestead’s manicured gardens. Their wedding was styled with florals featuring ivory and blush blooms with minimal foliage and bridesmaids in classic navy dresses.

    Jessika found her dream dress when she visited the boutique and came across the Emily gown by Spanish label, Pronovias. The gown features a minimalist design of a fitted crepe skirt contrasted with a structural statement lace bodice, which skims down the sides. “I just loved how the dress is so simple, but so beautiful! [I also loved] the train! It certainly was a statement.” Said Jessika.

    While the couple’s honeymoon plans were abruptly cancelled with the onset of COVID-19, they certainly aren’t off the books! The loved up couple have begun excitedly saving for the purchase of their dream home and will likely revisit their Canadian getaway next year. “Blair is a carpenter so he’s itching to renovate,” she says.

    Our beautiful couple have shared some photos from their wedding with us below!

    Bridesmaids: Shona Joy
    Celebrant: Married by Ange
    Accessories: Necklace (belonged to Bride’s Dad (who passed away in August 2019) – has Jessika on front and Daddio on back), Blue garter made my Bride’s Nana, Gold ring (Brides Nana’s wedding ring who has been married for almost 55 years)
  • Kate & Max’s Toowoomba Wedding

    1st October, 2019 | by
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    Kate and Max’s Toowoomba wedding was all about what was most important to the couple – friends, family, good food and good wine! 

    The duo held their ceremony in the lush grounds of Gabbinbar Homestead with a luxe banquet-style reception held in the venue’s glamorous Conservatory. 

    Having first met at high school, Kate & Max were not your typical high school sweethearts. It wasn’t until years down the track that the pair reconnected over Facebook. (The magic of social media, are we right!?).

    Fast forward to the present, and the two are saying ‘I do’ in a dreamy outdoor Toowoomba wedding! Kate pinpointed walking down the aisle as her absolute highlight of the day.  “I couldn’t get to him quick enough!” She said. 

  • Kara & Michael’s Elegant Homestead Wedding

    28th November, 2017 | by
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    Kara-Lea & Michael’s elegant homestead wedding day was set in the heart of Toowoomba at Gabbinbar Homestead. Surrounded by manicured gardens in this Heritage Estate, the two wed in an intimate ceremony outdoors followed by an elegant reception in the Conservatory.

    Kara-Lea glowed in Greta by Mori Lee. A tulle ballgown with a V neckline and elegant low back finished with a cascade of crystals that shimmer and shine. Additionally, Kara-Lea paired her gown with an understated raw edge veil and not-so-understated Valentino heels, completing the look. 

    The overall theme was pared back with neutral florals and greenery including Australian native foliage. A concept beautifully executed throughout the event from the table centrepieces to the details on the naked wedding cake.

    See all the beauty from this dreamy wedding below.

    Photographer: Figtree Pictures
    Venue: Gabbinbar Homestead
    Flowers: Flowers by Forrest
    Hair & Makeup: Nikki Mitchell
    Stylist: Blue Willow Weddings
    Cake: Sugar Bomb


    Images:Figtree Pictures
    elegant homestead