• Wedding Dress Trends: What’s Hot In 2021

    11th March, 2021 | by
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    Shopping for a wedding dress is a different kind of mission. Let’s face it, it is probably the most important outfit we will ever buy. On top of that, it’s a huge investment, which means the pressure is on. In turn, we brides, want to know what’s hot in 2021 / 2022, right?

    Yes, even if our wedding is in 2022, we should most definitely start thinking about our dream bridal look – time flies when we’re busy organising your dream wedding day.

    Don’t worry – we’ve got you!

    After intensive research and hundreds of hours of browsing through wedding magazines, bridal fashion articles, and thousands of Instagram posts and Pinterest pins, we have curated some of the hottest and most fashionable wedding dress trends for 2021 and 2022.

    So, let’s dive straight in!

    pronovias 2021 crepe wedding dress with cape

    Credits: Lauren Olivia Photography | Caitlin Robertson | My Little Flower Shoppe | Xennox Diamonds | Bombshell Hair Noosa | Xsentuate Makeup | The Bridal Shoppe | Next Door Espresso Burleigh


    Every Superwoman Needs A Cape

    Although this one might not be for everyone, bridal designers sure know how to make us feel like a superhero. Capes have become a huge deal in the bridal world and here is what we love about them.

    They add an element of drama
    They stand out from the crowd and scream fashion-forward. Nobody is going to forget your dress and your wifey or hubby will be swept off their feet. A sleeve calls for an unforgettable entrance with loads of drama.

    They add coverage, without limiting your ability to move
    Many of us don’t like feeling too exposed. Instead of going with a sleeved option, a cape is a great way of adding some coverage, without having to deal with the movement restrictions a sleeve may come with.

    all who wander boho wedding dress

    Credits: Cara Jourdan | Paige Owen Photography

    Transformable Looks A.k.a. Two-In-One

    Speaking of dresses with capes, wedding dress designers are focusing on creating more versatile looks than ever. With a few simple add-ons, our brides can transform their look within minutes. Who said that you needed multiple dresses for your wedding day?

    No need to double your budget
    If you’re on a lower budget, you don’t need to sacrifice your wishes of having multiple wedding looks.

    Less commitment. More options
    Don’t want to commit to one look? Make last-minute adjustments and wear what you feel most comfortable in on your big day!

    martina liana 2021 wedding dress with detachable sleeves


    Exaggerated Ruffles

    Puffy sleeves, tiered skirts, ruffles like there is no tomorrow, and we are 100 percent here for it. Go bold or go home, it’s your big day! This trend most definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s also not one to forget.

    They add a fun element

    The creative and beautiful designs add a fun element to your bridal look

    Edgy yet Simplistic

    Ever struggled to find the right balance between allowing you to combine your love for simplistic fabrics with edgy designs? You should jump on that train! 


    So here you have it: in 2021 we’re getting out of our cage and committing to bigger and bolder wedding dress designs and bridal looks. We’ve been sitting at home, hiding from the world, for too long. It’s time to shine.

  • Cassie & Mitch – Romantic Tweed Coast Wedding

    14th December, 2020 | by
    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture read more

    Imagine walking down the aisle and looking at your future husband, whilst your favourite song is playing in the background. Cassie & Mitch’s wedding was raw, romantic, and filled with intimate moments. 

    What started off as a flirt online, soon became a much stronger bond. Sure enough, the couple realised that their journey was meant to last a lifetime. Once engaged, Cassie wanted to make sure that their big day aligned with the couple’s style. Therefore, she said it was extremely important to her to find vendors who understood Cassie and Mitch’s style. She also said it was important they were within close range to their wedding venue: “I didn’t realise until later how much easier everything was finding vendors that were local to our venue, it made for such an easy process.” 

    Speaking of which, our bride of the week most certainly had to battle with Covid restrictions this year. In the end, Cassie managed to finalise her plans only two weeks before the wedding. Since the couple was set on keeping their wedding date, they had to change venues three times: “We had three completely different plans ranging from a casual park wedding in Kingscliff, NSW. To a small beach ceremony on the Gold Coast to our final plan that didn’t eventuate until 2 weeks before our day.  We can’t even begin to imagine what her stress levels must have been at… 

    Luckily enough, the restrictions lifted just in time. In the end, their guests from Brisbane and Sydney were allowed to attend Cassie and Mitch’s wedding. Thank you, universe. 

    When choosing her dress, Cassie wanted to ensure that ‘The One’ reflected who she was. Cassie fell in love with MINI by Nicole Milano: “My dress was my absolute dream style, the lace and glitter was me to a tee. Glam!! Plus it hugged all my curves in the best way & I added a detachable tulle wing veil to top it off.” 

    Upon asking our bride of the week what her favourite part of visiting our Brisbane bridal boutique was, she said that she loved having the support from her sisters. Seeing them sitting in our “gorgeous pink chaise lounge, drinking champagne” as Cassie showed them each dress was truly special. She reminisces about their reactions and also remembers feeling comfortable: “The staff are so professional, I had Francesca help me find my dress and I could not recommend her more, as a plus-sized woman she made me feel so comfortable which was a worry of mine leading up to the appointment.” 

    Cassie’s advice to future brides is short and sweet: Don’t let all the wedding buzz get in the way! “…at the end of the day it is about the two of you marrying each other, everything else after that is a bonus!

    The couple is now ready to continue their new chapter as husband and wife. Cassie and Mitch are looking forward to renovating their dream home and slowly building a family together. 

    Scroll down to see all photos from Cassie’s wedding day! 

    Venue: Osteria Weddings, Casuarina NSW 
    Photographer: Figtree Pictures
    Videographer: Wild Creative Media 
    Florist: Alanah Cherie Floristry
    Stylist: Bliss & Willow 
    Cake: Sweet Art Creations
    Hair: Natalie Lucas 
    Makeup: Natalie Lucas 
    Bridesmaid dresses: White Fox Boutique
    Suits: Groom (Johnny Bigg) & Groomsmen (Tarocash)  
    Cars/ Transportation: Frank from Pull Up VIP
    Welcome Sign – The Parker Effect

    Musician – Maddy Zanatta 

    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture       Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture   


    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture (1) 


    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture 

    Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture 

      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture

      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture   Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture 

      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture  Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture 

      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture      Nicole_Milano_Curve_Bride_Brisbane_White_lily_Couture (1)
  • Claire & Nikki – Not One, but Two White Lily Brides

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    This week, we’re doubling the love with not one, but two White Lily Brides. Claire & Nikki went from colleagues to friends to partners for life. Their journey came to a short break when Nikki moved overseas. However, when she returned to Queensland, Claire couldn’t resist but ask Nikki to rejoin her firm. Sure enough, Nikki jumped at the opportunity to reconnect paths with Claire. Although the Brisbane couple were best friends initially, their friendship soon blossomed into romance. Some of the best relationships start off as friendships, right? 

    When Nikki and Claire planned their wedding day, the Brisbane brides wanted to make sure that they spent their special day with good music, delicious food, and beautiful photos. Most importantly, Nikki and Claire wanted to be surrounded by their friends and family, when saying their vows.

    However, when Covid hit Australia, the couple had to change their plans from celebrating on a Queensland private property to a wedding venue with Covid Safe Plan, which lead to more than one complication. They even considered having a small ceremony with only ten people but kept insisting on having all of their loved ones by their side. In the end, it all worked out: “…so we found a place that worked for us at the last moment. Nola at Entangled Events made the whole process easy and helped us to create our perfect day. It turned out better than we could have ever imagined.”  

    Since Claire and Nikki both came to our Brisbane bridal boutique to find their dream wedding dress, we had the honour of experiencing both of their ‘Yes to the Dress’ moments: “Having Lisa as the consultant for both of us was special. Lisa was very calm and made the whole experience relaxed and enjoyable. Everyone at White Lily was so lovely and it was a beautiful place to spend our time choosing our dresses. “ 

    Upon asking the brides what they loved most about their gowns Claire describes the beautiful flower details underneath the top layer of tulle. She also loved the comfort of JOEY by Stella York and how confident it made her feel. 

    Nikki ended up saying yes to FARIDA by Modeca: “I loved the detail when it was bustled around my wrist and how that fell; showing off all the layers.

    Now that the Brisbane couple has been able to gain a bunch of wedding planning experience, they left a few words of wisdom to future brides: “Don’t get caught up in spending time and money on the little details that people won’t remember. Focus on what will make it a fun and memorable day for you and your guests. And enjoy the planning because it will be over so quickly.  

    For brides who are struggling with their planning process, Nikki and Claire even left some actionable advice: ”Make a list of your top items/happenings that you want at your wedding.” If you get too overwhelmed and don’t know where to continue, simply come back to the list and see whether your decisions align with your priorities. Easy done! 

    Post-wedding, Nikki and Claire are more excited than ever to grow their family and memories together. The beautiful couple is also dedicated to continuing to support each other in their endeavours. 

    Scroll down to see all photos from Nikki & Claire’s special day!

    Venues: Entangled Events & Samford Lakes 
    Photographer: Kate Taylor 
    Florist: Brisbane Market Flowers 
    Cake: Zoe at Confetti Cake Co 
    Hair: Sarah Neill 
    Makeup: Sue McLaurin  & Yentl Shi 

    Furniture hire: AVIDEAS 
  • Danielle and Jicaro’s Romantic Ceremony at High Church

    28th July, 2020 | by
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    Being surrounded by friends and family, Christian couple, Danielle and Jicaro, said their vows in a dreamy ceremony at High Church. Followed by a gorgeous reception at the Emporium Hotel in Southbank, their special day was absolutely magical.

    As Danielle would say, the way the couple met was “quite 21st-century style…”Although Danielle and Jicaro went to the same High School, they didn’t really know each other, until they met through Facebook. Just after graduation, they realised they were the ones for each other. Thanks, Mark.

    When Danielle and Jicaro got engaged, they only had five months to plan their wedding. However, they both knew that they wanted their wedding day centered around the Christian faith. “The most important part was, of course, our ceremony and our vows to each other.

    And just how they imagined, their wedding day turned out to be everything they had wished for. We asked Danielle what the most memorable part of her special day was, and she said that she was blessed to be marrying the love of her life and best friend. “We were just so blessed to be able to have our wedding shared with our closest family and friends.” Isn’t that just beautiful?

    When Danielle came to White Lily, she fell in love with the intricate detailing of our gorgeous TATUM gown by Zavana Couture. “I always envisioned a unique and beaded wedding dress. It was exactly what I wanted and couldn’t believe I found it.” And she looked absolutely stunning! 

    Since the couple only had a few months to plan their wedding, Danielle’s advice to future brides is to not overthink decisions. “Having only 5 months from when we were engaged to getting married, made decisions much easier as we didn’t have too much time to think about it. We didn’t think twice. “ Taking away the pressure from having to make every single detail picture-perfect, makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. 

    Being in the midst of our current pandemic, the couple had already planned to postpone their honeymoon for later this year. Now it is just a matter of time until they can take off. “We are still hoping to travel to Europe particularly visiting Italy!” Just imagine sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying the Italian sunset with your husband. How dreamy! In the meantime, Danielle and Jicaro are working on their plans to build their dream home together. 


    Scroll down to view photos from Danielle’s special day! 


    Ceremony and arbour Styling – Shane Baker at High Church 
    Cake: Simply Divine Occasions 
    Hair: Hair By Clare Hannon
    Makeup: Janise Chan 
    Bridesmaid dresses: Kmart 
    Suits: MJ Bale & Hallensteins
  • Eloise and Corey’s Modern Rustic Wedding

    23rd June, 2020 | by
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    Fate would have it that Eloise and Corey would cross paths through their local rugby league club, the Rosewood Roosters in 2009. Corey, as a player in the Under 18’s Team and Eloise as the assistant-coach’s daughter. Eleven years later, in March 2020 the loved-up team tied the knot in an effortless rustic wedding at the Gold Coast hinterland’s Summergrove Estate.

    Planning their wedding the two wanted their special day to be as minimal as possible, with Eloise a firm believer that less is more, whether flowers, outfits, decor or budget. “Even though it is one of the most important days of our lives, it was important that we didn’t spend more than we could afford.” 

    Wearing Josie by Erin Clare, Eloise loved her gown’s botanical 3D lace detailing and its relaxed yet stylish feel. “It was sooo comfortable,” she says. “Comfort was a big thing that I was looking for in my dress. I knew I was going to be wearing it for a very long time so I wanted to make sure I was going to feel comfortable wearing it.”

    Shopping at White Lily Couture, Eloise valued most her stylist, Shannon’s honesty and care. “Shannon didn’t try to sell me whatever I tried on which gave me a sense of trust in White Lily,” loving her experience saying YES to the DRESS! Ordering an Erin Clare gown, Eloise also took up the unique option to have her gown directly made with our Noosa designer. “Working one-on-one with Erin Clare was hands down amazing and she is such a beautiful person. She made my Mum and I feel welcome each time I had a fitting and just went above and beyond for us.”

    The couple opted for a modern rustic aesthetic, choosing Summergrove’s lush garden for their intimate ceremony and the venue’s luxe all-white barn for their reception, with festoon lighting, towering barn doors and feature timber beams. Despite a tummy full of butterflies the morning of the wedding, Eloise said her most memorable moment was seeing her Dad for the first time before the ceremony. “I will never forget the look in his eyes and the tears of joy. I could tell he was truly proud of me and happy for me.” Overlooking the hinterland, our bride felt everything click when her eyes met Corey’s at the end of the aisle. “As I saw Corey a sense of calm came over me and I couldn’t wait to get down the aisle to him.”

    Unfortunately the newlyweds were unable to enjoy their dream honeymoon as planned in late-March due to COVID-19 with the duo flying to Hamilton Island the day prior to the closures of all non-essential businesses. “We had to get an earlier flight home and left the day but we are so excited to be back once this is all over!” 

    Looking excitedly to their future together, Eloise and Corey are most looking forward to starting a family very soon. “I can’t wait to start a family with Corey and have a little brother or sister for our three fur babies.” Offering her advice to future brides and grooms, Eloise suggests to not stress over the small things! “It is easier said than done but try not to stress too much! Everything will work out how it is supposed to. At the end of the day as long as you get to marry the person you love then that is all that matters.”

    Venue: Summergove Estate

    Photography & Video: Pineapple Images

    Florist: Tennille Brooke Flowers

    Cake: Baked By Dana

    Hair: Amy Spry Hair

    Makeup: Dolly May Make Up Artist

    Bridesmaid dresses: Forever New  

  • Launching Martina Liana!

    6th July, 2020 | by
    martina-liana-white-lily-couture-brisbane-wedding-dresses read more

    For the bride who radiates confidence, global glamour and impeccable style, there’s Martina Liana – the embodiment of the modern bride. White Lily Couture is thrilled to be welcoming this iconic Australian label to our collection from 18th July 2020. 

    Showcasing couture craftsmanship, every cut, every embellishment, every consideration of a Martina Liana design is made with one idea in mind: to create unforgettable and everlasting bridal couture which follows their brides’ love stories. Blending a couture feel with quality with exquisite design, White Lily are so excited to be soon showing this Australian bridal label.

    Dressed in show-stopping detailing, when you select a Martina Liana creation, you wear something far more than just a wedding dress. You make a statement. One that exemplifies the style, the attitude and the elegance of the bride, and the woman, you are. With launching this new collection, White Lily are showcasing a Brisbane-exclusive Martina Liana Trunk Show from 18th – 25th July 2020. 

    Receive 15% off Martina Liana orders during the Showcase and celebrate the collection with us in the boutique! Book your Bridal Appointment for the Martina Liana Launch now to find your dream couture dress!



    18th – 25th of July 2020
    15% off all Martina Liana orders
    Book now

    Image Credits

    Photography: Linzie Russo Photography

    Hair: Sarah Neill Hair

    Makeup: Boudoir Blush Beauty & Makeup

    Flowers: New England Flower Co.

    Model: Danielle Palmer



  • We’re Open from May 1st!

    29th April, 2020 | by
    White Lily Couture Open May 1st read more

    We’re excited to be reopening from May 1st for a limited amount of appointments!

  • Kirsten & Don’s Impromptu Isolation Elopement

    28th April, 2020 | by
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    When Don temporarily moved to the Sunshine Coast from Canada to attend a few close friends weddings, he had no idea it would lead to his own. With plans to return home, they were quickly cancelled after meeting his now wife Kristen at a Sunshine Coast bar. However, for this couple it wasn’t the big and extravagant wedding they had planned due to the current regulations surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. Instead, this couple eloped in an intimate and simple ceremony at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club.

    Flashback to a month ago, Kristen and Don were in the final stages of preparing for their big day when the new federal regulations were issued. With a lot of mixed feelings, the couple considered eloping, but that wasn’t without rebate. “I had a lot of mixed feelings about this as I really wanted to have the big day I had been planning for over a year, and most importantly I wanted my family and closest friends to be a part of it,” Kristen said.

    “We actually postponed the wedding and made an announcement that our wedding would be held in a year’s time, sharing with everyone the new date,” she said.

    Three days prior to their original wedding day, the couple rang their celebrant and decided to tie the knot and elope. “We have kept our new date for next year and plan on having a huge party will all our guests at the same venue,” she said, “I’ll wear my dress again, and I’ll be the lucky lady who gets to wear it twice and still be with the same man.”

    The most memorable moment of their special day was the sharing of their vows. “They were so personal and intimate. We didn’t have to worry about anyone else listening to them so it definitely took away some of the nerves,” she said.

    Like many other couples eloping in these times where social distancing is required, they still wanted to share in the celebrations with family and friends. “We set up a live stream via Zoom for our immediate family and our bridal party,” she said, “It was so great as they all felt a part of our special day.”

    “Our celebrant contacted our parents and asked them to write something special that he could read and share with us at the ceremony, making it super personal and had us all in tears – the celebrant included,” she said.

    Kristen wore a Made with Love bridal gown featuring lacing. “I was obsessed with the 3D lace effect on the dress,” she said, “I just knew it was the one from my first appointment.”

    When asked to share advice with other couples looking to elope or scale-back their wedding during the pandemic, Kristen said:

    “The only advice that I would give that I didn’t really take into account was the quality of the live streaming for the ceremony. Although my family and friends who Zoomed in and watched were so happy to see it, they couldn’t hear what was being said as we only streamed via the mobile phone app. This didn’t bother us but if that’s important to you I’d suggest maybe looking into other programs or devices to record.

    Just remember that the day is all about you and your partner and it will make you embrace the moment.”

    Now married, Kristen and Don look forward to buying a house and starting their own little family. “One great thing to come from our elopement is that we saved a lot of money which will set us up a lot quicker than we had initially planned.”

    Venue: Sunshine Beach Surf Club

    Photographer: Kayla Temple Photography

    Florist: The Orange Blossom

    Stylist: Made to Match (she will be styling the party next year)

    Cake: One of my dear friends surprised me with a home made cake which was really beautiful

    Caterer: My now-husband’s boss paid for us to pick up some take away pizza and some of their finest red wine from a local Italian restaurant called Cinque Terre

    Hair: The Mane Label

    Makeup: My original makeup artist couldn’t do my makeup due to the restrictions, but thankfully my good friend Katie Burton offered to do my makeup last minute on the day when I told her I had to do it myself (she deserves a shoutout)

    Suits: Don had a custom Jacket from MJ Bale, pants from Country Road, with a shirt and tie from David Jones

    Rings: Kristen – Wallace Bishop and Don – American Swiss

  • Karlie & Ryan’s Picture-Perfect Lavender Farm Nuptials

    18th November, 2019 | by
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    With a dreamy lavender farm as the backdrop and a bombshell bride -to-be, Karlie and Ryan’s wedding could have leapt straight out of a Hollywood film!

    The pair originally met through mutual friends on a night out, where they hit it off. Their love-filled wedding speeches from their nearest and dearest on the night highlighted the perfect mix of sweetness and strength they share as a couple. How cute is that?!

    Their stunning setting was none other than the picturesque Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm near Mount Alford. This venue features a unique open-air-style chapel with a modern twist, situated amongst the aromatic lavender fields.

  • Introducing All Who Wander

    15th November, 2019 | by
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    The newest collection to grace the White Lily racks is one for the free-spirited and the dreamers at heart. A purely bohemian brand that evokes a sense of whimsy and romance – perfect for the relaxed brides of Queensland. Introducing All Who Wander

    Exclusive to White Lily Couture here in Brisbane, this collection combines feminine silhouettes and decadent fabrics to masterfully showcase the female form. As well as the stunning gowns available in store now, the range comes complete with a selection of detachable boheme embellishments including crochet lace cuffs and caplets allowing you to truly personalise your dreamy look.

    Schedule an appointment today and snag one of the first appointments worldwide to try this beautiful new range for yourself. You too could fall madly in love with All Who Wander…

  • Will you be our next #PronoviasRealBride?

    30th October, 2019 | by
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    Since 1964, Pronovias has been capturing the hearts of bride-to-be across the globe. The Spanish bridal house is synonymous with decadence and contemporary romance – undeniably perfect for walking down the aisle on your big day.

    As our number one label here at White Lily Couture, it’s safe to say that Pronovias’ particular brand of bridal magic is in perfect harmony with our Queensland brides! In light of their very first Australian Trunk Show beginning right here in Brisbane, we thought we would share some of our favourite Pronovias Real Bride moments from the year to date!

    You can join us in celebrating all things Pronovias in the boutique until November 2, with our exclusive Trunk Show. Find more information here.

    Will you be our next #pronoviasrealbride?

    Kaylah & Trent | Kaylah wears Pronovias MILANO | Photographer: Figtree Pictures

    Morgan & Johno | Morgan wears Atelier Pronovias RACIMO | Photographer: Vicki Miller Photography

    Natasha & Hudson | Natasha wears Pronovias EITHEL | Photographer: About Time Co.

    Ivana & Rhys | Ivana wears Pronovias ENDIKA | Photographer: Just For Love Photography

    Kimberley & James | Kimberley wears Pronovias DOGAL | Photographer: Luke Middlemiss

    Megann & Todd | Megann wears Pronovias DANTE | Photographer: Graeme Passmore

    Tahlia & Mark | Tahlia wears Pronovias | Photographer: Jashan Photography

    Taylor & Chris | Taylor wears Pronovias EMILY | Photographer: Cloud Catcher Studio

    Izzie & Ben | Izzie wears Pronovias ERANDI | Photographer: Ivory and Rose Photography

    Jemma & Chris | Jemma wears Pronovias | Photographer: Mario Colli Photography

  • Jess & Mitch’s Modern Industrial Wedding

    28th October, 2019 | by
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    Simple. Elegant. Timeless. The perfect description of Jess & Mitch – from how they met to their fabulous big day. We are definitely taking notes from their stunning modern industrial wedding day vibes!

    The dynamic duo first crossed paths in a classic mutual friend introduction on a night out. They clicked straight away and it wasn’t too long before they were moving in together and buying their first fur baby! *Please take special note of their beautiful puppy present on the day (flower collar and all)!*

    Mitch’s proposal was nothing short of perfect. On their first night following moving into their newly purchased home together, Mitch popped the question. Jess recalls the moment fondly, “We were having take-away on the floor in our living room when he got down on one knee and proposed.  It was simple, yet perfect, and a beautiful memory for the first night in our home.”