Dress Shopping Tips from our Brand Ambassador, Marie

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With the new White Lily Couture opening in Rockhampton this week I thought it fitting that we should talk about what is, in my opinion, the best part about wedding planning – finding the perfect dress. Your wedding day is one of the most important and photographed days of your life so you want to look your absolute best – starting with the dress. Some brides may know exactly what theywant to wear on their wedding day while others may have no idea at all. I tried on over 80 dresses before I found ‘the one’ from bridal stores all over Brisbane. Here a few things I learned.


1. Start early

Most bridal stores will tell you to buy your dress at least 6 months before your wedding. This allows time for the dress to be made and then any alterations that may need to occur. For a custom made dress, you may need to allow more time. It may also take you a while to find your dream dress. Start early so you don’t have to compromise on one of the most important aspects of the day.

2. Don’t take too many people

Everyone has an idea in their head about how they think you will look on your day. Some of these ideas may match perfectly with your thoughts about how you would like to look – others may think you should wear something completely different. If there’s one thing I have learnt from binge watching Say Yes To The Dress (something I would recommend every bride doing before going dress shopping), it’s that often people look at a dress and form there opinion based on whether they would wear it to their wedding. However this is your wedding and only you know if the dress is the one. Take one or two trusted people who know what looks good on you and also what will suit your personality and that’s it. Too many opinions can make you more confused and ruin the experience for you.

3. Don’t have too many appointments in one day

While dress shopping the maximum number of appointments I had in a day was three and really it would have been better if it had been only two. After a while, all the dresses start to merge into one giant wedding dress and I found it difficult to properly compare the dresses from the different stores.

4. Try on different styles

I am sure your style consultants can tell you countless stories of girls coming in looking for one specific style and walking out with a dress that is the complete opposite. While doing your research is great and definitely encouraged as a starting point don’t be too locked in one style – trust your consultant. They have been doing this for a while, they know their dresses and they know what will look great on you.

5. Choose a dress that not only looks amazing but matches your personality

On your wedding day you want to look the best version of yourself and you want to be comfortable. You may find that even though a dress looks incredible it isn’t the one. Try not to be persuaded by your entourage who may fall in love with a different dress for you. Think about how you want to feel, not just how you want to look. When the right dress comes along, trust me, you’ll know.

6. Have fun

I don’t think there was any part of wedding planning that I enjoyed more than trying on wedding dresses (except maybe cake tasting). It is a once in a lifetime experience for you so remember to enjoy every part of it – even when you are tired and stressed and worried you won’t find the right. Take a week or two off from dress shopping to regain your stamina and when you find the one – stop looking.


At White Lily Couture we believe that the memory of shopping for your wedding gown should be as fond and delightful as that of your wedding day. For more helpful tips, and to schedule time with one of our team contact us here.