Covid-19 UPDATE | What you need to know right now



In these uncertain times, we have made the decision to place a hold on all appointments from Monday the 30th of March until the beginning of May. This decision has not been made lightly, but we feel a social responsibility to look after not only our brides, but our staff, their families and our beloved Sunshine State during this time.

We are also heartbroken that we have been unable to deliver the magic bridal experience we are so proud to offer. We want for you to be able to laugh, have fun, and hug your loved-ones when you find your dream dress.

However, this is bigger than all of us, so we have put a hold on our boutique experience until all is well in the world again and we can deliver on our promise even better than before.

For now we are going back to basics, so while we can’t see you in person, that doesn’t mean we aren’t here. We will still be available for all of your needs and enquiries in the meantime and we will also be tracking and managing incoming orders.

For those with existing appointments, if you haven’t already heard from us, we will be in touch to reschedule your booking shortly.

If you are planning on visiting us in the boutique for the remainder of this week, rest-assured knowing that we are following strict protocols to minimise the spread of germs. In addition to social distancing within our spacious private rooms, all surfaces are regularly sanitised and we continue to enforce our new two-guest limit per appointment.

For those who haven’t yet booked, we are planning on reopening (pending government advice) on the 1st of May. You can book in for this via our website now. If you are in need of a dress more urgently, scroll down for further options.


I would like to stop for a minute to thank each and every one of your for being so patient during this time. The entire wedding industry is feeling for you right now. I know things have been crazy, but we are in this together and we are here to support you in any way we can.

Now is the time to refocus ourselves and #postponedontcancel. Ultimately your wedding is a day to celebrate you two and your love for one another. The time will come when you can finally share in celebrating with your nearest and dearest and it will be so worth it.

At the moment here at White Lily, we are taking steps to ensure that we will be ready to hit the ground running with dresses available to those with upcoming wedding dates following the closure of the boutique until May.

As we waited with bated breath for an update, we are still firmly in action. The gowns themselves are still expected according to schedule (Yay!), so if you have already found your dream dress, we suggest you order before the 28th of March over the phone to avoid disappointment.

Our Sale Rail has been restocked, and is fuller than ever before, so if you’ve been struggling to find your dress, be sure to check it out for a dress available RIGHT NOW – no ordering required!

Lastly, we will also be offering the option to order from home for those brides who have found their dress, but are unable to visit us this week or wait until May. Keep an eye out for an update on how you can take your measurements at home!

Keep an eye on our socials for lots of lush wedding inspiration and ways to keep you feeling good during these cray-cray times,