• How to find your Dream Wedding Dress in 2021/2022 – The Full Guide

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    wedding dress shopping guide brisbane 2021 and 2022 read more

    Ladies, the time has come! You’re ready to find your dream wedding dress. With endless options, ever-changing bridal trends, and uncontrollable Covid-restrictions, shopping for a wedding dress in 2021/2022 can be a daunting experience, to say the least. We wouldn’t be one of Australia’s top bridal boutiques if we didn’t want you to have a flawless experience; so here is a simple guide on how to find your dream wedding dress, stress-free! 


    First up, we need to have a chat about your timeline. The rule of thumb is to shop from around nine to twelve months before your wedding. As many of our bridal designers are located in Europe and the States, we want to make sure that we can find your dream dress and have enough time for it to get across the pond. Every dress is made to order, which means that we’ll take your measurements to order your gown in the right size upon ringing the bell. You will also need to allow enough time for alterations to make final tweaks and to bring your look to perfection. Generally speaking, we recommend allowing around six weeks for alterations. 

    brisbane bridal boutique white lily brisbane
    Last-Minute Weddings and Sample Sales

    If you’re reading this and your wedding is just around the corner, don’t freak out! We’ve been in this industry for many years, which is why we have options for every situation. Being one of the biggest bridal retailers in Brisbane, we actually have a large selection of sample gowns, which you will be able to take home on the day of purchase. To have a browse through our selection of sample wedding dresses, simply click here.

    Come Inspired but Open-Minded

    One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “Do you have this dress in store?” You guys are prepared, and we love it. Having a general idea of what you are linking and which style of wedding dress you prefer does not only help you with your decision, but it also allows us, stylists, to narrow down our choices for you. During your appointment, we aim to try between five and six dresses. Given that we have over 300 styles in store, it really helps to be able to pinpoint your taste and find a narrow selection of gowns that suit your vision. If you don’t have time to do your research, don’t worry! We will always sit down with you, before selecting the gowns, to make sure we understand who you are as a bride. Despite your efforts of coming prepared, it is equally as important to stay open-minded. Especially, if you haven’t tried on wedding dresses before, you might find that some dresses work better than others and it’s just a matter of trial and error to find out which one works the best. Often, our brides end up falling in love with styles they would have never picked for themselves initially. Always remember, our stylists are here to guide you in the right direction. 

    What do I need to bring? 

    Now that we have talked about the when’s and what’s, let’s talk about the how’s. Luckily, you really don’t need to bring a lot. All we need is your beautiful self and some nude and seamless underwear. Sometimes, it can help to come with a bit of makeup or your preferred wedding hairstyle so you can envision your wedding day look. On top of that, we always love to emphasise that finding your dream dress can be an experience for your entire bridal crew. Bring along your nearest and dearest, who understand your personal sense of style and value your own personal taste. In the end, your wedding is a celebration so we want to make your entire bridal journey just as much fun!

    Happy wedding dress shopping! 

  • Wedding Dress Trends: What’s Hot In 2021

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    2021 and 2022 wedding dress trends read more

    Shopping for a wedding dress is a different kind of mission. Let’s face it, it is probably the most important outfit we will ever buy. On top of that, it’s a huge investment, which means the pressure is on. In turn, we brides, want to know what’s hot in 2021 / 2022, right?

    Yes, even if our wedding is in 2022, we should most definitely start thinking about our dream bridal look – time flies when we’re busy organising your dream wedding day.

    Don’t worry – we’ve got you!

    After intensive research and hundreds of hours of browsing through wedding magazines, bridal fashion articles, and thousands of Instagram posts and Pinterest pins, we have curated some of the hottest and most fashionable wedding dress trends for 2021 and 2022.

    So, let’s dive straight in!

    pronovias 2021 crepe wedding dress with cape

    Credits: Lauren Olivia Photography | Caitlin Robertson | My Little Flower Shoppe | Xennox Diamonds | Bombshell Hair Noosa | Xsentuate Makeup | The Bridal Shoppe | Next Door Espresso Burleigh


    Every Superwoman Needs A Cape

    Although this one might not be for everyone, bridal designers sure know how to make us feel like a superhero. Capes have become a huge deal in the bridal world and here is what we love about them.

    They add an element of drama
    They stand out from the crowd and scream fashion-forward. Nobody is going to forget your dress and your wifey or hubby will be swept off their feet. A sleeve calls for an unforgettable entrance with loads of drama.

    They add coverage, without limiting your ability to move
    Many of us don’t like feeling too exposed. Instead of going with a sleeved option, a cape is a great way of adding some coverage, without having to deal with the movement restrictions a sleeve may come with.

    all who wander boho wedding dress

    Credits: Cara Jourdan | Paige Owen Photography

    Transformable Looks A.k.a. Two-In-One

    Speaking of dresses with capes, wedding dress designers are focusing on creating more versatile looks than ever. With a few simple add-ons, our brides can transform their look within minutes. Who said that you needed multiple dresses for your wedding day?

    No need to double your budget
    If you’re on a lower budget, you don’t need to sacrifice your wishes of having multiple wedding looks.

    Less commitment. More options
    Don’t want to commit to one look? Make last-minute adjustments and wear what you feel most comfortable in on your big day!

    martina liana 2021 wedding dress with detachable sleeves


    Exaggerated Ruffles

    Puffy sleeves, tiered skirts, ruffles like there is no tomorrow, and we are 100 percent here for it. Go bold or go home, it’s your big day! This trend most definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s also not one to forget.

    They add a fun element

    The creative and beautiful designs add a fun element to your bridal look

    Edgy yet Simplistic

    Ever struggled to find the right balance between allowing you to combine your love for simplistic fabrics with edgy designs? You should jump on that train! 


    So here you have it: in 2021 we’re getting out of our cage and committing to bigger and bolder wedding dress designs and bridal looks. We’ve been sitting at home, hiding from the world, for too long. It’s time to shine.

  • What To Look For When Shopping For Wedding Rings

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    Shopping for Wedding Rings Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture read more

    You’ve got your dress appointment sorted and now it’s time to browse for wedding rings. YAY! We all love shiny things, so finding a ring to wear for the rest of your life can’t be that difficult, right?

    Well, actually… There are a few things to consider, for both, brides AND grooms. Luckily, we got some help from the experts at Xennox Diamonds, to put together a few guidelines when shopping for wedding rings. So let’s grab hubby and have a read through the following tips for finding the perfect wedding bands.

    How to match your engagement ring with your wedding ring

    You’ve found your soulmate, you have a beautiful engagement ring, now it’s time to do some matching! So what’s the perfect match for your engagement ring?

    Diamonds or no Diamonds

    If your engagement ring is filled with diamonds, then going for a diamond band will be your best option too. If your engagement ring, however, doesn’t have any diamonds in it,  feel free to go with either, diamonds or traditional. It just depends on how much bling you like.


    In terms of size, it’s always best to match the size of the diamonds with the width of the band. If that’s simply not possible, try to not have a noticeable difference. In the end, you want them to look like they belong together.

    Match the metal

    We often think that picking the right type of diamonds is the most important choice. However, the actual metal you are picking makes a huge difference and is super important as well.  You always need to make sure to match the metal of your rings. If your engagement ring is platinum, then you will also need a platinum ring. Each metal has a completely different level of hardness – you don’t want one rubbing into the other!

    Standing out from the crowd

    If you are wanting to go for a bit of a different look and stand out from the crowd, mixing different colours can be a great option. I.e. white and gold are a Match Made in Heaven!

    If you are after something truly unique, seeking a hand made jeweller is always ideal. They will make the rings on-site and design something that truly matches your engagement ring. It will even look like both engagement ring, and wedding ring was made by the same jeweller. Xennox Diamonds don’t even charge extra for their custom designs, which is a great plus. 

    Let’s talk about lead times

    You should always consider going shopping for your wedding rings, a while in advance. If you are choosing the custom route, the timeframe you should expect is somewhere between six and nine months before the wedding.


    Warranty is extremely important when choosing your jeweller. After all, the rings are forever so having a lifetime warranty with your ring is desirable. Always make sure to ask your jeweller about their warranty and services like complimentary stone tightening and minor stone replacement. These kinds of things can make a huge difference, so it’s always a great idea to ask these questions.

    Hubby to be

    So what are some of the best options for grooms at the moment? If you’re looking for a band that is extremely scratch resistant, Platinum 600 will be a great pick. This particular Platinum is alloyed with tungsten and considered to be one of the most durable metals on the market. If you are after a band that isn’t too shiny and has a more grey and rustic vibe to it, Tantalum is a good option. Sometimes called black gold this natural dark grey metal can be used to create amazing jewellery. The gun metal grey colour is not only super fashionable but also durable. 

    Also ladies, while you might have some great ideas on what he should wear, let him have a say.  If he likes it, he is more likely to wear it, right?

    Happy wedding band shopping!

    Diamonds: Xennox Diamonds
    Venue: Next Door Espresso, Burleigh Heads
    Photographer: Lauren Olivia Photography
    Videographer: True North Films
    Florist: My Little Flower Shoppe 
    Hair: Bombshell Hair Noosa
    MUA: Xsentuate Makeup
    Models: Cassandra Allen, Caitlin Robertson, Tarah Elizabeth, Gill Emmanuel

    Click here to read more about Xennox Diamonds and what makes their wedding jewellery special! 


    Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture    Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture Shopping for Wedding Rings Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture  Shopping for Wedding Rings | Xennox Diamonds x White Lily Couture
  • Wedding Planning Made Easy – Must Know Online Resources

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    online wedding planning resources read more

    We all know that planning a wedding is far away from being a walk in the park. Things can easily become overwhelming. Especially, once the fun and excitement of the initial enjoyment are over.

    Since we all know that getting a little help is great during stressful times, the girls from The Vow to be Chick have put together a list of resources to help you make the overall wedding planning process just a little bit easier. 

    So let’s take a closer look…

    General Resources

    The Knot is a great overall wedding planning resource. It can act as your virtual wedding planner or even be used for more wedding planning resources. If you are looking for something more specific, you will have a good chance of finding it on their website. Yay! They also offer resources such as quizzes, which will help you to pick out your wedding theme and colour scheme. How fun! If you feel overwhelmed by those things and don’t know what to call your style, this is a great place to start! 

    wedding planning tools 2020

    Essential Groomsmen Gifts

    Getting your groomsmen gift can be a second thought at times. You may not even remember that it’s needed until it is so close to the wedding date and it is then too late to find anything meaningful or special. Yikes! Groomsmen Gift Source is a great resource since it is filled with tons of different gift ideas. If you have a very diverse group of guys and you don’t know what is a good gift that they would all enjoy, use this resource even as just a place to start. this allows you to get ideas and even get the gifts directly from the same website.


    Tuxedos, Tuxedos, Tuxedos – Getting Hubby Involved

    Does your groom want to be really involved? Or do you want your groom to help with the wedding but don’t know where to start? the Black Tux is a wonderful resource for grooms specifically. It gives them resources for things that they can (and sometimes should) do when it comes to the wedding planning process, Things like picking out their suit and tuxedos, ties, bowties, shoes, etc. And even resources to help them with their groomsmen attire as well. It is a great place to use as a reference and for them to use a wedding planning guide of their own. 


    Photos and Prints

    Let’s talk prints. Shutterfly is a great resource for when it comes to your wedding invites, thank you’s, RSVP’s, etc. They have lots of templates you can use, or you can upload your own design. Shutterfly is super user friendly and helpful. It can be stressful and time-consuming to create your own design, have them printed out on your own, and ensure the sizing is correct and everything is cut out neatly. Shutterfly takes all of that hassle away from you. All you need to do is pick your favourite template and colour scheme, add your images and dates, and order as many as you require.  

    wedding invitations 2020

    Guest Books

    If you are looking for a resource that you can use to mainly get ideas or inspiration from, then WhiskeyMade is your new best friend. If you don’t want to follow some of the wedding norms or traditions, then WhiskeyMade is extremely useful. Making a wedding memorable and unique is essential for making it an impactful day for all attendees. In the end, we want to create memories that last for a lifetime, right? Check out this article by WhiskeyMade, to turn your wedding into something unique: How to Create a Wedding Guest Book Alternative. You can find an alternative to your typical guest book that is more memorable and which can be used as memorabilia or décor. 


    Wedding Websites

    It’s 2020 and wedding websites are a thing, for sure! Zola is a great resource, which helps you to create your own wedding website. You can create, design, and edit your own personal template for your wedding website. Wedding websites are definitely growing in popularity so it’s the perfect time to join in! It allows you to put all of your wedding information in one place, which can be super handy. You can upload all wedding information, including your registries to your website, for easy access to your wedding guests. 

    wedding websites 2020

    We hope that these resources can help you to take some weight off your shoulders. Always remember, planning your wedding should be an exciting and fun experience. You want positive and joyful memories when you think of your big day, not stress, and think about how you couldn’t wait for it to be over. So take these resources and male the wedding planning process just a little bit easier for you.

  • Should I Have Multiple Dresses On My Wedding Day?

    18th August, 2020 | by
    Multiple Wedding Dresses read more

    We know the struggle – We want to walk down the aisle in an elegant, figure-hugging showstopper, yet want to have fun, dance, and move like there is no tomorrow at our reception. So, how can we have the best of both worlds, and what are the pros and cons of having multiple outfits on my big day?

    Let’s talk cons

    Time And Effort

    Changing your wedding outfit throughout the day requires more coordination and, in turn, more helpers and time to create the style you desire.

    Real Bride Erin


    Unfortunately, most dresses come with a price tag! If you are wanting to keep your budget below a certain price, you will have to get creative to create multiple looks (keep reading for more inspo).


    Less Time Wearing Your Ceremony Dress

    You looked at it for weeks. Months even. Then you put it on and after a few short and sweet moments, it’s time to let go again. Wearing a second dress for your reception means that you won’t get to wear your ceremony dress for as long.

    Real Bride Zoe
    We’ve had enough of the negatives, let’s talk positives!

    Impress Twice

    Impress your husband/wife during your ceremony and AGAIN during your reception. Two dresses mean that you get two completely different looks that will swipe your loved one off their feet.

    Brisbane Real Bride

    More Versatile Photos

    Changing your outfit throughout the day means that you won’t look the same in each photo. We know that you will look at these photos for the rest of your life, so why not make the most out of them, right?!


    You Don’t Have To Choose Between Your Favourites

    Having to pick two dresses for your wedding day means that you won’t have to choose between your two favourites. You might like a simple crepe gown but also love the beaded showstopper that just looks so good on you – You simply get to keep them both. YAY!

    Emmy Mae Bridal 2020

    Twice The Fun

    Although you might love the thought of walking down the aisle in a fitted crepe gown, dancing in a tight dress is a completely different story. Picking another dress for your reception will allow you to wear a sexy, and fitted gown at your ceremony, and then change into a more comfortable (but obviously still sexy) ball gown or less fitted option during your reception. That way you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable and you can just focus on dancing into the night…


    Traditional But Modern

    “I’m a pant kinda girl, but still want to wear a dress during my ceremony.”  Buying two outfits for your special day means that you get to wear a dress during your ceremony, which you can then dump for a jumpsuit or other dress alternatives, right after. Nothing is worse than not feeling yourself on your big day. That way you still get to keep that traditional element of wearing a wedding dress,

    Zavana Couture 2020
    I am on a low budget, how can I still create two looks for my wedding day?


    Wedding dresses have come a long way. Designers are constantly trying to make their dresses as unique and versatile as possible. Thanks to designers like Pronovias and Zavana Couture, you can now easily get two looks in one, by purchasing only one gown. Adding an overskirt or jacket will give your dress or jumpsuit a completely different look.


    Pronovias 2020 Close

    Split your budget in half

    There are AMAZING dresses, that don’t break the bank. Instead of going all out for your ceremony dress, why don’t you pick two dresses, that still fit in your budget? Designers like Stella York and Zavana Couture make amazing couture dresses, which do not only look glamorous but also provide that high quality feel. On top of that, you should always keep an eye out for our Sale Rail dresses and Trunk Shows to save even more.

    Moral of the story: Although buying a second dress, can add a little more time and effort to your wedding planning, we absolutely think that you can never go wrong with multiple looks on your special day. It is a ‘Once In A Lifetime Experience’ – go all out!

  • 4 Creative Ways To Nail Your Wedding Invites in 2021!

    23rd July, 2020 | by
    4 Creative Ways to Nail Your Wedding Invites read more

    Let’s Talk Wedding Invites: 4 Fun Ways To Nail Your Invites in 2021!


    Acrylic Wedding Invites

    Do you want to stand out from the crowd? With acrylic invites, you are definitely stepping up your game. Your guests will 100% LOVE these! So what even are they and what makes acrylic wedding invites so special?

    The wording is printed on the clear acrylic surface, which gives your invites a modern and minimalist, yet unique look. The thick and shatterproof material is extremely sturdy, which means you don’t have to worry about your invites getting ruined in the mail. If you are looking for that “wow factor”, acrylic wedding invites are the way to go.

    Image via Papel & Co

    Downside? They are definitely more expensive than your traditional invites. It really depends on your budget and how much you can spare for your invites. There are less expensive versions like vellum, which is a translucent material but isn’t as thick as acrylic.



    It is 2020 – It would be rude not to mention E-invites!

    Since technology has become part of pretty much EVERY aspect of our lives, sending paperless wedding invitations is definitely something you should consider. 

    Instead of printing hundreds of invitations and sending them manually, you now only need to hit a button, and off they go! We’ve already got to deal with a million other things when planning our wedding, so why not stress less about the invites? They are not only more sustainable but also cost less and are way more reliable. Instead of having to worry about your invites getting lost in the mail and people not actually saving the date, you can just re-send reminders and keep everyone in the loop with updates.

    P.s. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. There are a number of online providers in Australia that deal with designing your invites and taking care of all other things tech:

    Paperless Wedding: Free E-Invites + Wedding Website plans (3-week free trial)

    Greenvelope: Effortless Online Invitations and RSVP Tracking

    paperlust: Get a free matching wedding website for selected designs.

    Only downside: WE LOVE OUR STATIONARY! The feel of holding your wedding invite is definitely something a lot of brides don’t want to miss out on.



    Let’s get creative! Calligraphy isn’t only absolutely stunning, but also super fun. We got to work with The Pleasantry, who showed us how to turn words into art. If you are wanting to add a romantic element or dramatic statement, calligraphy invites are just right for you. The hand-lettered calligraphy also makes them extremely personal and unique.

    Downside: Calligraphy is time-consuming. If you do them yourself, they can take a long time. Depending on your skills and guest list, you might want to outsource. But even then, most calligraphers schedule two-week turnarounds.

    Image via The Pleasantry

    Boxed Invitations

    If you are going for the minimalist look, you will probably want to miss out on this one. Boxed wedding invitation scream GLAM! They absolutely stand out from the crowd and give your guests a real feel of what to expect from your wedding day. Nobody is going to want to miss your special day!

    Downside: Boxed invitations are definitely not a budget option and you should always keep your increased shipping costs in mind.

    Image via Beacon Lane

    What is your wedding invitation going to look like? 

  • Wedding Dress Shopping – 8 Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid

    13th July, 2020 | by
    8 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping For a Wedding Dress read more

    Shopping for a wedding dress isn’t always smooth sailing. To make sure that you can enjoy the whole process, we’ve summarised 8 super common mistakes, you should avoid at all costs. At the end of the day, finding ‘The One’ should be a fun and exciting experience. With our tips in hand, you are all set to find the dress of your dreams without making any mistakes along the way.

    So let’s get right to it.

    luxury bridal appointment brisbane


    Mistake #1: Wrong timing

    When shopping for a wedding dress, you should always keep the right timing in mind. Although picking a dress can be done in a day, there is a whole process involved when it comes to making and altering the dress for you. “So when should I start looking for a dress?” We recommend starting shopping 10 months before your wedding day.


    Mistake #2: “I am going to lose 10 kg before the wedding, so I’ll order a size smaller.”

    We love setting goals. We’re all about setting goals. HOWEVER, when it comes to ordering a wedding dress, going a size smaller because you think you will lose weight before the wedding, is a big NO-NO! Your wedding dress is probably going to be the most expensive dress you will ever buy. It would be an absolute disaster, to get to the day of to only realise that your dress doesn’t fit. We’re not saying that we don’t believe in you; but altering your dress once you’ve reached your goal, is much safer!


    Mistake #3: Bringing all of your friends and family to the appointment

    We know. It’s tough. “Mum wants to come for sure, and if I bring Lisa, I also need to invite Rachel” and so on…It can be extremely tricky to keep your crew small. However, bringing along 10 people means that you’re going to be influenced by 10 different characters, who probably have extremely versatile tastes and opinions; and that can be hella confusing! 

    Bridal Appointment
    Mistake #4: Letting your loved ones take over the decision-making process

    YOU are the one getting married. YOU are the one wearing the dress. And YOU should be the one making the decisions. Don’t let yourself get talked into something that you’re not. Take on advice, but don’t let anyone alter your taste. It’s YOUR day!  


    Mistake #5: Being too set on one style or not knowing what you’re after at all

    Everybody is different. Every bum, every back, every bone. Unless you’ve tried on wedding dresses before, you might have no idea which style is going to suit you. Doing your research is great as long as you stay openminded. Your dream dress might be something you would have never looked at in the first place. However, knowing the rough direction can save a lot of time and confusion. Going into an appointment without knowing what you’re after at all, might leave you with 100 different dresses, not enough time, and way too much confusion! Do your research here.


    Mistake #6: Shopping without context 

    Knowing what theme your wedding is going to be, makes all the difference. Are you getting married outside or inside? Are you getting married in a ballroom or out on a farm? Is it going to be The Great Gatsby or Twilight? The bottom line is: your dress needs to match the style of the wedding! Coming into an appointment without knowing your location or wedding theme, can leave you with a wrong dress choice. And nobody wants to buy two wedding dresses!


    Mistake #7: Trying on too many gowns 

    It is kind of like going into a store and trying on different perfumes. It doesn’t take many different fragrances for your brain to turn into mush. By the time you discover the right “smell”, you can’t even tell what makes it unique anymore. The same thing happens when we try on too many wedding dresses. It gets to a stage, where your brain can’t process the different gowns and details that come with them. Keep your collection small! 

    Wedding Dresses Brisbane


    Mistake #8: Being unrealistic with your budget 

    Trying on dresses that are out of our price range can be tempting. With all the excitement of finding ‘the one’ perfect dress for us, we might not be so strict on the budget we had in mind when first entering the store. It’s easy to forget about the bigger picture and all other costs involved, so make sure to think carefully before overstepping your budget. Remember, your wedding dress still needs to be altered and eventually dry cleaned and preserved. Keep all of those hidden costs in mind, when determining your budget.


  • No-Stress Wedding Prep you & you Fiancé can do Right Now

    15th May, 2020 | by
    Wedding tips in isolation read more

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of wedding planning right now, why not tackle some manageable tasks while we wait it out in isolation? Have a bit of fun with some of our top suggestions below!

  • WLC Loves | Bulb Creative!

    29th May, 2019 | by
    read more

    We are so lucky to collaborate with some of the best in the business, so we thought…hey! Why don’t we share some of our favourite vendors with you!

    Introducing Harley & Ainsley from Bulb Creative

    Armed with their incredible attention for detail, distinctive aesthetic and – best of all – each other, Harley and Ainsley are what we like to call a power photography couple! Who better to photograph love, than this husband and wife duo? 

    In addition to being exceptional photographers, the talented pair also both have bachelor degrees under their belts! Harley completed his in Primary Education, and Ainsley completed hers in Nursing all while in the process of planning their own DIY wedding! After their wedding, they headed back to their respective “9 to 5s” and quickly realised  there was a creative-shaped whole in both of their hearts, which lead to the creation of Bulb Creative. We had a sat down with them to find out more:

    What is your favourite thing about what you do?

    Working as a husband and wife duo for sure! We are so lucky to travel the world for our work. We have seen some amazing places and experienced so many “firsts” with each other. We also get to see so many different relationships and love stories which often reminds us why we fell in love in the first place. Our business is not only just a hobby that we get to share together, but it’s also like a baby to us, that we both get to nurture and watch grow together.

    Do you have a favourite wedding? If so, what was it?

    As well as weddings, we also shoot a lot of elopements with a team called the Elopement Collective. So for us, one our favourite couples was from an elopement that we shot photo and video for on top of Roys Peak in New Zealand. These two were just so ready to tie the knot and make an adventure out of it on the way. All they had was themselves, their suit and gown, a warm jacket and a helicopter to get us all up there. The simplicity of exchanging vows on top of a snow capped mountain, without any guests, or all the fuss and worries of a typical wedding day, was just magical. It really put the focus on why they were making a life commitment to each other which made their chemistry electric, and that’s all we could ask for from our couples!

    What is the most interesting thing you have experienced as a wedding photographer?

    Seeing the different dynamics between family members, brides expectations and the pressures of executing the perfect wedding day. Before we started this business, we had no idea how to plan our own wedding and we fell into the same trap. There are so many elements of the day that you just do to keep family happy, or because that’s just what everyone does at weddings. But when you cut back all the fluff and traditions and rules…. it’s literally just a day to celebrate you and your new life partner. That’s it! Keep it simple and about what matters to YOU.

    Your top tips for brides on the hunt for a photographer?

    1. First tip is to figure out why you actually want a photographer. There are so many different styles, prices and level of experiences out there. And just like with most things in life, you get what you paid for. So, if having memories to look back on is really important to you, then spend the time to find someone who’s work you really enjoy and be prepared to be more flexible with your budget than you might think. Remember that these memories will be forever documented by the person that you end up hiring.

    2. Second tip is to make sure your photographer is fully transparent with what they offer and how they work and what the end product will be. We have heard horror stories where brides have booked a photographer that was super cheap, or their portfolio didn’t show a range of different lighting situations, or they weren’t great at communicating and answering emails… all of these are red flags for who not to hire. 

  • WLC Loves | Milk and Honey Cake Creative!

    14th March, 2019 | by
    read more

    We are so lucky to collaborate with some of the best in the business, so we thought…Hey – why don’t we share some of our favourite vendors with you?!

    Introducing Grace from Milk & Honey Cake Creative

    We love a little sass and character that accompanies a great story of early beginnings. If anyone can attest to this, it’s Grace of Milk and Honey Cake Creative! One of Brisbane’s greatest wedding cake creators. We sat down with Grace to have a chat about some of her favourite things about being a Cake Creator. Here’s what she had to say:

    “My cake journey started with myself as a broke yet tenacious 19-year-old who couldn’t afford a wedding cake. And so, I became determined to learn how to make one myself – figuring it couldn’t be that hard. Well, suffice to say that I was most certainly wrong about that assumption, and my cake was a bit of a hot mess! But, what I learnt from that experience, was that I truly did love cake making”

  • Planning Tips for the Introverted Bride

    21st June, 2017 | by
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    Being a bride is a demanding job, as it requires an abundance of decision making, meetings, and is a large time commitment. While this is certainly an exciting time, it also can be trying, stressful, and demanding – particularly for someone who is naturally a more introverted bride.


    Perhaps you are wondering what makes someone an introvert. Well, this is actually not something that dictates whether someone is shy and quiet, which is what people typically equate the term with. Instead, being introverted relates to that person’s relationship and preferences towards social interaction. Instead of finding social interaction activities such as being in groups or being the center of attention to be energizing like extroverts do, introverts find these activities to be draining. They take solace in having time by themselves or in interacting with small, intimate groups. As you can imagine, this makes certain bridal duties difficult or even daunting for an introvert.


    For all of an introverted bride’s planning needs, we are here with a guide to making it less of an intimidating and tiresome task. Read more below about how to simplify the process and how to make it more enjoyable.



    Keep a journal 

    Something that could be helpful for an introverted bride when it comes to decompressing after wedding planning activities could be to keep a journal. Writing down thoughts, reflections, and feelings about the process as a whole could be therapeutic! Even if you’re not too keen on the idea of writing out long and traditional journal entries, bullet journaling is a more concise and quick way to get your thoughts down on paper.



    Set aside time to be alone 

    Throughout the planning process, make sure you are taking time to yourself in order to recharge your batteries. Introverts thrive on having their own personal time, sot don’t discount that, even during the demanding schedule of being a bride. You can even set aside some time on the big day to spend by yourself. On your wedding day, consider taking a yoga class, going on a walk, or eating breakfast totally solo to help you gear up for the busy day.


    Do what you can online 

    Not every wedding plan needs to be made in person or over the phone! You can certainly plan some things over the internet to cut down on the number of meetings and social interactions required to get things crossed off your list. Your stationery ordering or booking a photographer are both items that can be taken care of completely digitally.


    Consider social media

    If you don’t want to continuously answer questions about your planning process or regarding your wedding in general, consider keeping people updated via social media. You can even do it privately through direct messages. Along the same vein, you should think through how much of your big day you want to share on social media and how that will make you feel as it happens prior to the wedding in order to set expectations accordingly.


    Prepare well for vendor meetings

    Going into vendor meetings adequately prepared will cut down on the back and forth and number of questions to be asked and answered. Use sites like Pinterest to find images that match your vision for things like your cake and flowers so that you can visually show the vendor exactly what you have in mind at the meeting. Also make a list of your questions ahead of time so you know exactly what answers you need before leaving the meeting.


    Using these simple yet effective tips are all great ways for any introverted bride to enjoy the planning process more. Always keep in mind that preparing your wedding should be an exciting and invigorating time that you will always remember – so do it your way above all!


    Words by Shannon Lochwood

  • Jess’ top tips!

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    Senior Stylist Jess from our Brisbane boutique has made it easy to prepare for your appointment with these top tips!
    “…preparing can be really tricky! I would say there are 5 solid rules to follow to ensure you have the best shopping experience.”
    1. Wear your hair and makeup in a similar manner to what your thinking for your wedding day.
    2. Bring undergarments that are going to make you feel most comfortable when trying gowns in lots of different shapes and styles. This includes but not limited to spanx, strapless bra, and nude everything (no hot pink bras!)
    3. Take the time to think about the more serious details such as, how much do I really want to spend? If I find my dress, do I have the deposit ready to go (especially important when a dream dress discount is involved!)
    4. Remove the pressure from the situation…it is so easy to get overwhelmed and become unsure. Take the stereotypical wedding dress shopping pressure away and focus on finding something that makes you feel like YOU.
    5. Most importantly – BE YOURSELF! Follow your instincts and dress shopping will be a breeze!
    xx Jess