• Julie & Tri’s Intimate Ceremony At Brisbane Broadway Chapel

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    Blossoming into something neither of them could have imagined, when they met 12 years ago, Julie and Tri were finally able to tie the knot during their intimate ceremony at Broadway Chapel. Meeting at their local church, they were tasked with getting to know each other better to find the best Secret Santa present. We’re sure that’s one that they don’t regret pulling each other’s names from.

    The Brisbane couple’s stunning wedding was celebrated with close family. The most unforgettable moment of the day being when their ‘church family’ youth members serenaded them. Holding back tears “it was an absolute emotional moment” for both, the bride and groom.  

    Planning can be hard but knowing that other’s opinions wouldn’t sway their choices, Julie and Tri created a beautiful day that made them, and their loved ones very happy. Although the day didn’t pass without a few little hiccups like the best man “forgetting” he had the rings; The Brisbane couple knew this is what will make the best memories for years to come. Appreciating that these little hitches would be the moment they look back and laugh about. 

    Julie looked absolutely amazing in her show-stopping Pronovias gown, crafted with elegant long sleeves, made entirely in silk crepe and finished with a long, flowing train. When Julie walked into our Brisbane boutique, she was looking for a timeless and sophisticated piece that people would remember for many years to come. 
    “I always felt that my opinions are important, no matter how big or small my concerns were. The girls were absolutely wonderful and helpful, and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process of choosing my dress.” After trying on a few different looks, Julie decided that IVANIA was The One. She knew that “in 5 or 10 years from now, I will look back and still be loving the dress that I chose.” 

    When we asked Julie if she had any advice for other brides and whether Covid-19 had affected the Brisbane couple’s plans, she urged not to be afraid to ask for the help of family and friends. “The purpose of our wedding was to celebrate our special day in an intimate space with people we truly love.”
    With an intimate guest list of under 100, Julie and Tri consider themselves lucky in the current climate. 
    The only recommendation Julie has for other brides, who are also affected by Covid-19, “is to have an honest discussion with your fiancé regarding to do what feels right.” Whether that means eloping, postponing, or reducing the guest list. “In circumstances where we have no control of it is not worth getting too upset.” 

    Although the effects of Covid-19 restrictions caused the couple to raincheck their dream honeymoon destination in Europe, they are still more than excited to experience the journey of marriage together. 


    Scroll down to see all photos of Julie’s special day.


    Venue/s: Ceremony at Broadway Chapel, Woolloongabba and reception at The Golden Pig Restaurant and Cooking School

    Photographer: Danielle Webster Photography

    Florist: The Flower Studio

    Cake: Nancy Ho Bakes 

    Hair and Makeup: Jim Artistry

    Bridesmaid dresses: Pilgrim (from The Iconic)

    Suits: Tarocash 


  • Hayley & Brandon | The Fairytale Wedding Even Covid Couldn’t Stop

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    It’s been a long time coming. After eleven sweet years of dating, Hayley and Brandon finally got to say “I do” during their intimate ceremony at Hillstone St Lucia. Despite Covid, the gorgeous couple was able to share their special moment with all of their closest friends and family, creating a magical atmosphere and unforgettable day.

    Hayley and Brandon met through Brandon’s brother, in 2009. From the moment she laid eyes on him, she couldn’t help herself but immediately fall head over heels for Brandon. Eleven years later, they finally got to tie the knot.

    As the couple was planning their special day, Hayley put a big emphasis on finding the right venue with great food and drinks. The couple truly wanted to create moments, their guests will love and cherish forever. “We are all about friends and as much as everyone says this is your day, we had a hard time revolving it around us as we wanted our guests to really enjoy all the elements to our day.” And they sure delivered!

    When we asked Hayley what the most memorable part of her wedding day was, she said that the ceremony was incredibly intimate and special. Every single one of their 140 guests was laughing and crying with them throughout, which made Hayley and Brandon’s ceremony unforgettable. Going through difficult times made the couple realise how valuable it is to have close friends that support you and stand by your side no matter what. Their ceremony was everything they could have hoped for.

    When Hayley walked into our Brisbane boutique, she was looking for a dress that stood out and was different from the gowns she had seen on other brides. She instantly fell in love with PASIPHAE by Pronovias.“It was the very first dress I had ever seen and I knew it was going to be the one. It was classy but sexy and different to anything I had seen any other brides wear before.“
    When asking her what made her experience at White Lily Couture special to her, she said that the staff was not only extremely helpful but also made her feel truly special. “…although they see brides every single day, the way you are treated you are made to feel as you are the first bride they had ever dealt with and that I think would be so hard to do.” Hayley ended up looking absolutely stunning in her dress and we couldn’t be happier to see her glow on her special day.

    Hayley’s advice to other couples, who are preparing for their wedding, is to trust in their vendors and their expertise. The couple went in without having any expectations and real plans, yet managed to pull off the most amazing wedding day “…we have hired them for their talents and expertise and their eye for detail so we personally think what made our wedding as visually beautiful as it was, came down to us trusting our vendors and letting them create the magic for us.

    Upon asking how Covid affected the couple’s plans and whether she had any suggestions for other brides planning in these tricky times, Hayley said to not worry about the small things and to just focus on the bigger picture “Getting married during these crazy times made us realise that the small things that maybe once would have set you off or mattered no longer do. All that matters is you get married in front of the people you love most standing next to the person you love.”
    Although there were no dancing elements to the couple’s reception, their MC created the most fun and entertaining show, which kept all of their guests highly entertained. “I think it is so important to have an epic MC to work the crowd to make their time in the seats just as good as if they were up dancing. “ Despite Covid, it truly was a fun and magical day for the newly married couple and all of their friends and family.

    Hayley and Brandon are now more excited than ever to start a family in their own house together and to book their next overseas holiday, once the world opens up again.  How exciting!

    Scroll down to view photos from Hayley’s special day!

    Venue/s: Hillstone St Lucia
    Photographer: Wilde Visual
    Florist: Mrs Gibbons
    Stylist: The Perfect Party Co
    Cake: Simply Divine Occasions
    Hair: Petula Jade
    Makeup: Jessica Peacock
    Bridesmaid dresses: Shona Joy
    Suits: Politix



  • Every Bride is Beautiful #realbriderevolution

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    The White Lily Couture Real Bride Revolution started earlier this month, and we could not be happier with what we have achieved so far.

    So what have we been up to and what are we trying to accomplish with this campaign?

    The thought of searching for a wedding dress and trying on different gowns can be perceived as a quite daunting experience. However, here at White Lily Couture in Brisbane, we are all about feeling comfortable, welcome, and most importantly beautiful.

    So to really communicate what The Real Bride Revolution is about, we have been working with individuals of different sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds to help us change the perception of the bridal industry, together.


    At the start of this month, we welcomed Eve (Instagram @evechantal). Eve is a curve model and an advocate for body inclusivity. She showed our brides that size doesn’t matter and that you are worthy of wearing the dress of your dreams. “…It is crazy because I’m a curvy girl, and I never expected to have all of these options to try on to find the perfect fit for my wedding day.

    In the past, she has had negative experiences and always thought that she had to limit her expectations and wasn’t worthy of finding the perfect dress for her. “I remember going shopping for a formal dress and it was a nightmare. I tried on so many dresses and none of them fit me. I went to eight stores and bought the first one that actually fit me. It was so depressing.” Coming to White Lily Couture, she was able to try on countless wedding dresses, without having to alter her taste in any way. She quickly realised that shopping for a bridal gown is an extremely positive experience and walked away feeling beautiful and confident “…I feel like a queen, like a princess. I feel beautiful, and I feel confident.


    The following week, we welcomed Tarah (Instagram @tarahelizabeth_), who showed us that self-love and confidence come from a place within and that being your own kind of beautiful is key to finding the perfect dress. “I can’t even begin to say how incredible this experience was.” On her Social Media platforms, Tarah is all about communicating the importance of mental health and adding a sense of realness to the content that is displayed online. 

    white lily couture brisbane

    Especially when it comes to bridal wear, women are often afraid of not being able to fulfill certain expectations: “We all have different expectations and we have these ideas that certain dresses won’t look a certain way. But each and every one of us was blown away”. By the end of the day, Tarah and her two friends Ruby and Daisy walked away with a completely different perception of what the bridal experience is going to feel like. “I can honestly say that coming here, we all felt like queens and princesses.

    real bride revolution brisbane



    As part of our Real Bride Revolution, we also had the honour of welcoming Cassandra (Instagram: @cassandraallen_)  to our Brisbane boutique. Cassandra works for a modeling agency, which specialises in diversifying the industry and showcasing beauty in all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Cassandra and her friends had never tried on wedding dresses before, which made this experience even more special. They were in tears when they saw the gowns on each other.

    white lily couture brisbane real bride revolution brisbane

    We were blessed to be part of such an intimate moment and loved every second of their visit here at White Lily Couture. Cassandra and her girls walked away feeling more beautiful than ever: “I’ve had the most extravagant time of my life. Every dress is beyond exceptional. And the fit and the company that I just experienced was amazing. I cannot express how wonderful it has been today.

    real bride revolution brisbane
  • Wedding Dress Styles And Trends – What We’re Going To See More Of In 2021

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    Let’s talk about wedding dress trends! 

    Although we all want our bridal gown to be as unique as possible, it is always interesting to see what bridal trends are fashionable at the moment and which wedding dress designs we will see more of in 2021, right?

    Living in a world that is constantly evolving, bridal designers are sure to have a few extravagant wedding dress designs up their sleeves for 2021. So, let’s have a look at what wedding dresses are popular for 2021 weddings:

    New Fabrications

    Ever heard of glitter tulle? It’s a thang – and we are kind of loving it! This particular trend definitely requires you to let go of some of the traditional expectations of a bridal gown. Your wedding is a party – and we’re here to dance! This trend is not only super fun but also extremely show-stopping AND photographable. Trust us, we always have way too much fun with these in our boutique!

    Zavana Couture Glitter Tulle
    Sheer – She’s Airy

    2021 definitely isn’t the year to be shy. It’s time for you to show off your beauty. Even if that means wearing semi-illusion tulle and other sheer fabrications. Adding a cheeky hot pant underneath your sheer skirt creates a futuristic, yet elegant look, that will sweep everyone off their feet. It’s an unexpected yet modern approach of a bridal gown. Hence, designers are incorporating more of it into their new collections.

    Sheer Wedding Dresses
    More Beading

    Once again, designers are taking it to the max. Whether you are looking at Zavana Couture, Atelier Pronovias, or Nicole Couture, designers are showcasing their beaded dresses left, right, and center. People are craving the luxe feel, enhanced by the weight of the beading. In turn, designers are leaning towards extravagant, beaded appliqués.

    beaded wedding dresses
    Bigger Skirts

    Multiple layers, tiered skirts, and a mix of different fabrications; designers aren’t afraid of making the most out of their ball gown creations. Ball gowns aren’t just becoming more popular, in 2021, but they are also bigger than ever. FARRAH and CLOSE by Pronovias are both prime examples of what ball gown heaven looks like.

    Crepe Wedding Dress Train
    Mixing Minimal with Opulent

    Imagine a fitted gown with puffy sleeves. Super playful, yet extremely elegant. Adding a fun element to your fitted gown doesn’t only add that extra something, but it also elevates your look. It creates something that is so unique, people will remember for a long time.

    wedding dresses with puffy sleeves
    Floral Appliques

    Who doesn’t love flowers? We know it, you know it, designers know it. Floral appliqués have been and remain to be a front runner in the bridal gown industry. However, 2021 is going to show a few different ways of incorporating floral appliqués. Tattoo lace, as well as embroidered tulle, seem to be on the rise, creating stunning flower-field-inspired looks. 

    floral wedding dressesLong story short, 2021 is a year of innovation and extravagant designs, and we can’t wait to see our Brisbane brides rock their dresses on their wedding day. 

  • Real Bride Revolution – The Perfect Fit Is You

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    The Perfect Fit Is You

    Imagine living in a world, that accepts you for who you are. That lets you embrace your beauty without reducing your worth. 2020 is a year of change and we are ready to take self-love, self-acceptance, and body positivity to the next level.

    When talking about body positivity and self-love, we often don’t even think about the bridal industry. However, your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It is all about YOU. YOUR life. YOUR love. YOUR journey. It is on that day, that you feel like the spotlight is on you only, which means that you want to feel beautiful


    Ashley Graham Real Bride Revolution 

    Time To Let Go Of Preconceptions

    Finding a wedding dress and feeling comfortable in our own skin can be extremely challenging. Ever since social media has become such a present part of our life, we seem to struggle with understanding what is real and what is not. Browsing through Instagram or Pinterest inspiration has put unrealistic norms into our heads, which means that we are now prone to believe that wedding dresses are for specific body types only.

    As a result, too often women walk into our boutique with preconceptions about how they look and what they ‘can and can’t wear.’ Too many women believe they aren’t good enough. They don’t believe they are allowed to have the confidence to rock the wedding dress of their dreams. It honestly breaks our hearts! 

    Diverse Bride 

    Real Bride Revolution

    With our “Real Bride Revolution” campaign, we want to spread the word and make you understand that the perfect fit is you. We want to encourage you to let go of your scepticism, your fear of rejection, and everything society has taught you for too many years. Bridal wear has come a long way and it is no longer about being a certain size, ethnicity, or being a certain anything.  It is all about being yourself and making your dream of finding ‘The One’ come true.

    As mentioned above, Social Media has a huge impact on what we perceive as ‘perfect’. In order for us to spread the message and enable you to love yourself for who you are, we are dedicated to showing more diverse content, across all of our platforms. 


    Here at White Lily Couture, we welcome you, we listen, and we support you. We want you to pursue your dream of finding the perfect dress and feeling confident in your own skin.