• Hailey & Dillon – High School Sweethearts

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    A true high school sweetheart story, Hailey and Dillon have been head over heels for each other since grade 10! After enduring periods of long distance, the pair knew they were made for each other.

    In the early days of their relationship, Hailey moved to Perth for two years. “It was possibly the best thing we ever did. We were able to understand ourselves better while we were growing up, but most we also came to really appreciate the time we had when we were able to spend it with each other.” Said Hailey.

    This mutual appreciation and understanding truly shone on their big day. All it took was a look from her husband-to-be at the end of the aisle and all Hayley’s nerves were calmed. “Walking down the aisle and seeing Dillon’s face with the biggest smile just looking at me! I was so nervous and all the emotions were running through me, but once I saw Dillon I had a warm feeling inside of pure happiness & love!”

    The bride-to-be looked stunning in her Nicole Spose ballgown complete with lace bodice and full tulle skirt. She paired her dream dress with nude heels and a delicate gold vine headpiece.

    Hailey knew she had found the dress for her as soon as she stepped out of the fitting room. “I tried on about six dresses. My wedding dress was the last one to try on for the day – the moment I stepped out to see what it would look like, I knew this was the dress for me! I cried. It fitted my body so well. I didn’t feel uncomfortable – if anything, I felt like me and that was the most important thing for me.”

    When asked for her advice on how to prepare for your wedding, Hailey suggests asking for help when you need it. “Weddings can be a stressful time for couples. I had to plan our wedding when my partner was away for work for 7 months, so don’t be scared to ask for help and get ideas from other people.”

    She also urges couples to reflect their personalities in their wedding. “Remember this day is about you guys! Show it in your wedding with what you love the most! For us it was food, music and a great atmosphere! So we wanted to show all three to our loved ones and friends.”

    “Things may not go to plan but that’s the beauty of it, because something else will be around the corner, which will be way better than what you had planned. Your guests will never know if something didn’t go to plan because they didn’t plan it – you did!” Explains Hailey.

    Following their gorgeous Maleny Manor wedding, the newlyweds set off for their honeymoon in Japan! “We started off snowboarding and then went around the major cities. Seeing snow for the first time was a magical thing! By far my favourite holiday ever!” She said.

    The couple are eager to see what the future holds for them both. “We are so excited to find out what happens next, because we have no idea! We love to travel and enjoy the little things with our family and friends. For us, we are excited to see what happens with our new lives being husband and wife.

    See more from their wedding below!


    Bridesmaid dress: All from different places. Two from Billy J Boutique, and the others from  Boohoo, Hello Molly and Esther & co.
    Groom’s Suit: Black Jacket Suiting
    Groomsmen’s Suits: Hallenstein Brothers 
  • Chelsey & Devon – A Tale of Two Cities

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    For White Lily bride, Chelsey and her now, husband Devon, their love story spans two continents. Their wedding was filled with not only the creation of magical moments, but fond memories from back in the UK too.

    The pair first met at university in the UK. The year was 2011 and they were both entering their ‘Fresher’s year.’

    Chelsey recalls how they met, saying “We were placed in the same halls/accommodation and we have been inseparable ever since.”

    Following uni, the couple took the leap and moved to Australia where they began their next big adventure together. Five years later, they celebrated their marriage with friends and family in a stunning Sunshine Coast ceremony and reception. 

  • Enzoani 2020 Trunk Show Brisbane

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    It’s that time of year again! Coveted LA label, Enzoani has been dominating the world over and this month they’re bringing their all-new 2020 collection to us for a limited time only! 

    Known for their cutting-edge design style, the Enzoani bridal range is perfect for the modern bride with an eye for detail. Expect to see mixed fine laces, intricate beading and sequins and refined minimalist styles in this dazzling new collection.

    Join us in the boutique from the 25th of January to the 8th of February to shop over 50+ new season styles during the Enzoani 2020 Trunk Show. Not only will you be spoiled for choice, but you will be saving 15% off your dream Enzoani gown for the duration of the trunk show!

    Spaces are limited, so reserve yours now right here!

  • Julia & James’ Walkabout Creek Wedding

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    For Julia and James, their Walkabout Creek wedding was all about both family and fun. A day meant for joy and celebration and not sweating the small stuff.

    The two had known each other for about a year before they even began dating. They crossed paths at work, where they were both disability support workers.

    When planning their wedding at Walkabout Creek, the inseparable duo want nothing more than to enjoy the process and to ensure that both of their families were a part of their big day. This even included the pint-sized bridal party member, Chihuahua – Bo who was dressed to impress for the big day too!